Thursday, July 29, 2010


I had energy today!

*edited: I had a long list of things I did here, but y'all don't need to read all that really boring stuff.

Discovered my home telephone wasn't working. I hadn't received any calls, and didn't miss them a bit! All my calls were going directly to call notes, so I left a message there telling people to call my cell phone. We're going to have to get a new telephone.

Called the mobile pet groomer to see how much it would cost to have them come and give Sis and Katy a bath. They said they started at $69 each for dogs their size. No way I was going to pay over $140, so I politely said my goodbye.

Finished making the beans (added ground beef, rotel, and seasonings), and made the rice. We had beans and rice for dinner.

Watched Reece, Aubrey and Camryn for about 4 hours tonight so that Josh and Cyrise could go out to dinner and a movie. Ron and I enjoyed being with them. Reece and Aubrey had some beans and rice. All three of them played so sweetly. Reece went outside with Papa for awhile. Camryn got a little fussy toward the end of the evening. She was sleepy. I held her and she went to sleep in my arms.

Their parents picked them up around 10:30. Reece didn't want to go home; he wanted to stay and make muffins. I told him we will do that tomorrow when he is here.

I'm tired now and ready for bed, but it's been a good day.


Adrienne said...

Gosh - one more treatment and then some clean stem cells and it will be over.

As usual - sending prayers and cyber-death rays...

Sarah Oldham said...

I read the list before your edited it . . . you did have energy! More than myself today!!!! I'm pleased about that. God bless!

Kalona said...

Yes, Adrienne, it should be over by the end of September. I'll be so glad! Thanks for the prayers and death rays. :o)

Sarah, after all that my house is a mess again. But I don't mind, since it's mostly just clutter from the grands being here, and having them here is worth it.

Linda said...

I'd be at your house today to bathe those dogs if I could!

I took our Sheltie to be groomed at the beginning of the summer. We have her sheared down to a 1 in cut. Though I took her to the same girl, so she would be familiar, it still cost me $20 more to have it done (surprise!)because it was a different Petsmart. Same chain, just different location. I was NOT happy.

Kalona said...

Aww Linda, that's so sweet. My daughter also volunteered to bathe them. I thought about taking them to Petsmart, since we have one close to us, but I haven't checked to see how much they charge yet. How weird that they charged you more--I thought chains had set prices.