Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday Chitchat

Happy to say that Ron is finally home from Indiana. He's glad to be home. I picked him up at the airport this afternoon, and we stopped and got Chesters hamburgers for dinner. He has been relaxing, watching TV and said that it's nice not to have to do anything. He does have to work tomorrow, though.

I got a new tire this morning when I took the flat one back to where we got it. They said I ran over a nail and then drove on the flat tire, ruining the inside of it, so it couldn't be repaired. I didn't drive that far on it, but I took the guy's word for it. Since it was still under warranty and had a road hazard clause, they sold me a new tire for a fraction of the cost of a new one.

Mom was doing well when I was at her place today. No problems at all from the dental work yesterday. We went to the store to pick up a few things for her.

I played frisbee with the puppies for awhile this evening. They are both getting good at catching it in mid-air. I feel bad because I can't play with them for as long as they would like. They wear me out, and I'm not feeling very well. (Their frisbee is like the pink one in the pic above).

Sending up a prayer for Josh, who has his first full day at his new job tomorrow. I know he will do a good job for his employer; he's a hard worker. But new jobs are always stressful while you are learning the ropes.

Hoping I'll feel much better tomorrow because I want to keep Reece overnight. He was here for a few minutes today while I typed a business letter for for Josh and Cyrise, and it was so good to spend time with him. He lifts my spirits so much.


K said...

how about i bring grace,emma and max up next th or fri. girls can wear out the pups and you and I can visit.

Kalona said...

I would love that! Thursday is probably the best day for me, since I have labs on Friday. I never know if I'll have to stay for a transfusion until the results come back. I'll be neutropenic then, but toward the end of it, so visitors should be okay if everyone is healthy. The puppies will be so happy to have kids to play with!