Sunday, July 25, 2010

Saturday With Reece

Reece spent the night Friday, and the whole day with us Saturday. It was wonderful to have him here!

I think he is looking older.

He looks so serious in all these pictures, but he really had a good time and laughed a lot. :o)

He wanted to be outside on Saturday.

He looks like he is praying. Maybe he was. :o)

He was pretending something. I'm sure it had to do with Peter and the Wolf, which is his latest obsession. He knows all the music for each character and can repeat the lines of the video, along with sound effects! It's really amazing.

Relaxing at Great Gran's with a Coke. He is reaching around behind his head to hold his own ear. :o) Several of our grandchildren are ear holders. :o) Reece's daddy used to do the same thing with my hair when he was a child. He would feel my hair whenever I held him, and reach for it for comfort when he was distressed or just wanted to relax. I always thought it was so sweet.

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