Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday Walkabout

Had a long, busy day and I'm really tired. I was at Wilford Hall by 7:45 AM, had lab work and vitals done, waited for an hour for the lab results, then had a meeting with my doctor. After he examined me, we talked about the upcoming stem cell transplant.

After that he walked me down to the Apheresis/Cellular Therapy clinic where the nurses had me fill out paperwork, drew more blood and checked my veins to see if I'd need a tube implanted in my chest for the stem cell harvest procedure or not. They decided it would be easier to have one, so it will be done sometime in the next few weeks.

My next chemo (number six) will be August 9. About 2 weeks after that they will do the stem cell harvest using a machine that is similar to a dialysis machine. I'll explain more about the procedure as the time draws near.

I was at the hospital all morning, then drove to BAMC to pick up a prescription I'd called in over the weekend. Then I went to Mom's and did the stuff I always do over there.

Finally got home around 2 PM, just as it started raining and in time to let the dogs in before they got soaked.

I was getting something to eat when Josh called. Wednesdays are his day off. He said that Cyrise had some spotting and cramps and the doctor wanted to see her, so they brought Reece, Aubrey and Camryn over here.

They were all so sweet and good. The little girls both took naps, and Reece and I played quietly until their parents came to get them around 4:45 PM.

All is well with baby. Cyrise said she was moving her arms and legs all around during the sonogram. They brought home a sonogram picture, and of course Baby Girl is beautiful. :o)

When Ron got home, he went to Wendy's and got me some chili and fries for dinner, so no cooking tonight.

I took these pictures this evening after the rain stopped. I'm wondering if the fox that was in the pool the other day came in to feast on the Black Spanish grapes that are now ripe.

My turk's cap is blooming like crazy right now. I love how the little red blooms do look like turk's caps.

Sister and Katy were playing with a stick, tussling over who would get it. Sister won this time. :o) I had to take the stick away because I was afraid someone was going to get poked in the eye.

Hope you've had a beautiful Wednesday!


K said...

we won't be coming over today. Max has a little cold (so does Lucy but I wasn't going to bring her). They are fine but their little cold could be horrible for you so we will postpone our visit. We'll get up there before your next chemo for sure!

Kalona said...

K, I'm sorry the littles have colds. I was looking forward to snuggling that baby Max, but I'll try to be patient. :o) Looking forward to a future visit!

K said...

Next week, I promise!!!
I've got just about all week free..finally!!!!! No appts, no meetings, the conference is over, my mom is on her way home....