Friday, July 23, 2010

Surprise In The Pool

This evening I was cleaning up the kitchen after dinner and Ron was out in the backyard working on the pool. I looked out the window, and thought I saw a little dog swimming in the pool. Ron was trying to get him to get out. I went out and said, "Who is that?" And Ron said, "I think it's a fox!

Ron had a hard time getting it to go to the steps. He was trying to guide it with the pool brush, and the little guy just kept swimming around, trying to get away. He finally did get to the steps where he just sat and rested for a minute.

Here he has noticed me, taking his picture.

He finally got out of the pool. Here is where Ron told me not to let it bite me.

I went inside so that he wouldn't be afraid to move out of the yard. But instead he went running all around the yard. Ron was able to get him out of yard eventually, but later discovered him out in the street near our house. So he called the police, who called an animal control person to come and get him.

We still aren't sure what it was, but are leaning toward young coyote now, rather than fox. The police didn't know either, but thought it was a red fox. What do you think?

Sister and Katy are rather freaked out. We had them inside while the critter was in the yard, but they could see it out the door and kept whining, wanting to go outside. I let them out after it was gone, and they were so excited and smelled all over the yard, but they were also a little scared and would come to the door to look in at me now and then. They refused their dinner and wanted to come inside. :o)


Sarah Oldham said...

Let us know if you ever find out what it is . . . it looks like coyote and red fox mixed, but I'd lean toward coyote 'cos it's so ragged looking. Then again, that red fur is something . . .

But, the nature nut that I am would have been like "really cool".

Sarah Oldham said...

I looked at pics online and most likely it's a red fox. Beautiful.

Kalona said...

Still not sure what it was, Sarah. It might have been easier to tell if its fur had not been wet. Ron thinks the animal control guy shot it with a tranquilizer dart. Maybe they wanted to check it for rabies. I hope they relocated it somewhere safer than the neighborhood. Yeah, I thought it was pretty cool, too. :o)

K said...

I called grace aka nature girl over to see and just by the first picture, without me saying anything, she says, "oh it's a fox"
she may only be 11 but I trust her, the child lives with her nose in field guides.
if they checked it for rabies it wasn't relocated anywhere. they euthanize it then remove its brain. btdt with skunks and coons in CT

Kalona said...

Oh, I hope if they did tranquilize it, it was just to move it! I'd hate to think they killed it. It didn't act aggressive or anything, so I don't think it had rabies, but then I don't know much about things like that. I'm glad Sis and Kate have their vaccinations. Tell Grace I said thanks for the ID!

Linda said...

A rare find to find a fox in your pool! See how lucky/blessed you are! :)

Kalona said...

Linda, I know. I'm glad I was able to get pictures of him. :o)