Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How's Your Day Going?

It's been one of those days, but I love Texas.

I had a flat tire today on the way to pick up Mom to take her to the dentist. I pulled into the commuter parking lot not far from our house and called Josh. He said he would come ASAP. So I got out the spare donut tire, the jack and wrench, so that all he would have to do is jack up the car and put the spare on. I tried to take off the lug nuts, but I couldn't get them to budge.

While I was waiting, three different young men and their passengers pulled into the commuter lot to see if I needed help. This was within a 15 minute time frame. That's why I love Texas. Texans are always willing to help a person in distress, even on a sweltering hot day during the lunch hour. Every single one of them started out saying, "Ma'am do you need some help?" I love that. I told them that my son was on his way, but thanked them very much. They all gave me a big smile, some asked if I was sure, and they all waved as they drove away.

When Josh got there he had the tire changed in short order, with absolutely no trouble with the lug nuts. It would be nice to be so strong! I gave him a big hug and was on my way.

Mom and I were only about 5 or 10 minutes late for her appointment. She had a tooth pulled and another one got a filling. Next week when she goes back for her follow-up, the dentist will talk to us about her options for a lower plate or partial.

Now I have to take the tire back to the place where Ron bought it to see if they will fix it for me. The little donut tire also needs some air. Isn't it always something?

Hope you're having a good Wednesday!


Adrienne said...

Gosh - I haven't had a flat tire in ages. I usually call Allstate (way better than AAA) and have them come and put on the spare. Or if it's at home the local place comes over and pumps it up so I can drive it in to be fixed. They fix all my flats for free 'cause I buy my tires there.

Nice to have a son, though!

Adrienne said...

...and you're right about people in Texas.

North Idaho peeps are that way, too. THREE times I've left my purse in the cart in the parking lot of WalMart and all three times the purse was turned into customer service by a customer. How cool is that??

Kalona said...

This is the second flat I've had in 9 months, Adrienne. Josh was with me the last time, and had to change that one, too. I'm on the highway every day, and drive a lot, so I guess I'm bound to run over something now and then.

Wow, that's wonderful that you got your purse back all three times! The people in North Idaho must be from Texas. :o)

Adrienne said...


Linda said...

I haven't had that experience here, but Houston is different. It's not truly Texas. :) Being from AL, I am accustomed to people saying "Ma'am" and willing to help, but I've been sad at the rudeness and selfishness of this area. I'm glad things are like they are there. Hey, is SA hiring music teachers? ;)

Kalona said...

In spite of its size, I think SA has a "small town" feel sometimes. It's different from Houston, Dallas, and even Austin--more friendly, more laid back. We do have our share of rude people, I have to admit, but I've been lucky to usually run into the nice ones when I've needed help. I don't know if they are hiring music teachers, but it would sure be nice to have you as a neighbor, Linda!