Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I have not eaten anything since yesterday, I spent the whole afternoon at BAMC and I am CRANKY. Ron has gone to get us something to eat. I think he just wanted to get out of the house and away from the crankiness. :o)

I called last week to make an appointment at BAMC for a PET and CT scan. A lady called me back yesterday and said they could see me at 2 PM today, but not to eat anything after 8 AM (six hours before the scan). I woke up at 7:45 AM, so I didn't eat, thinking I'd be fine until after the 2 PM scan. It was after 5 PM when they finally started the scan. And they made me drink some awful slimy liquid stuff that is supposed to make the scan better. This is the third PET and CT scan I've had there, and I never had to drink that icky stuff before. They said there is a new doctor who thinks it makes the scans better.

Anyway, that's another procedure out of the way before the transplant. Yesterday I had a second bone marrow biopsy, which is something else they wanted done. Some lady called Friday to say that I still needed an EKG. I told her I had one the last time I was in the hospital, and she said I needed another one because the ones they do in the room aren't "thorough enough." :o\ She also said I needed to see the dentist, and I told her that had already been done. She seemed disappointed that she was unable to make me do that again. Hah!

Ron was waiting for me to pick him up after work, and had to wait until about 6 PM, but he said it worked out okay because he needed to make up for some time he missed last week. The AC is out again in our piece of junk car, and rush hour traffic was still at its peak, so we had a hot, sweaty drive home in stop and go traffic. When we got home I kicked off my flipflops, headed for the back door to let the puppies inside and stepped right in a pile of Maggie vomit on the carpet. Aaaargh! It has not been a good day.

Ahhh, KFC, mashed potatoes and gravy, cole slaw and a biscuit. And peach tea. I feel so much better. :o)


Anonymous said...

Hi Sister! I don't blame you for being CRANKY... whew! That wore me out just hearing about your day - but through the frustration I still see your amazing attitude & you still have your sense of humor. I love you for being you! Hang on .. almost there. Praying every day for you and those taking care of you. I hope you sleep well
tonight. Hugs and LOVE, Sandi

Angela M. said...

Am praying the Rosary for you today!

Julia said...

Today will be better! I am sure of it! :)

Adrienne said...

Are you absolutely sure you don't want to see the dentist again????

Stepping in the spit-up. Been there, done that. Fried chicken makes everything better!

Kalona said...

Oh you sweeties! Thanks for holding me up.

Sandi, I slept amazingly well last night. If I don't laugh, I might cry. "Laughter through tears....my favorite emotion." Name that movie. :o)

Angela, thank you for the Rosary. I'm especially grateful for that, because I have been neglecting my prayers lately. I fall asleep holding my rosary almost every night.

Julia, thank you! I'm sure you're right.

Adrienne, I'm certain I don't want to see him again, although he was kind of funny. I'll see him when this is all finished so that he can fix my broken molar.

Our cat drives me crazy. I always seem to find her messes by stepping in them. I think she does it where she does on purpose.

Yeah, fried chicken! I like the flavorful, greasy stuff on the outside better than the chicken itself.

Jennifer Mulkey said...

Hope you are feeling better today. I also hate PET scans and ct scans..that stuff is just plain yucky that you have to drink YUCK!!!! Glad you got a good supper though. Praying for a good EKG. Offered Rosary for you lsat night also, and will do so with the Divine Mercy today and until you are through this. Always remember that your Guardian Angel says your prayers for you when you are unable to do so :) He also finishes them if you fall asleep while saying them :) My priest told me that years ago and it's such a comfort :)

I hope you don't mind if I let everyone at DCF know what's going on. I thought I'd let everyone in the MM room know too if it's ok with you :)

Prayers ongoing.

Kalona said...

Jennifer, thank you for the Rosary and the Divine Mercy chaplets! I'll count on my angel and all of you sweet friends to pray for me. That is so sweet of you to keep everyone informed about what is happening--I don't mind at all. In fact, I appreciate it very much. Hugs!

Linda said...

Mashed potatoes and gravy are my comfort food. My husband stops at the local truck stop for me whenever I don't 'feel well'. :)

Kalona said...

Linda, there really is something comforting about mashed potatoes and gravy. Maybe because we've been eating it since we were babies. :o) That's so sweet of your husband to stop at the truck stop to get mashed potatoes for you!