Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Some Very Good News

This was the fortune from my fortune cookie on Sunday. I saved it. :o)

My BMT (bone marrow transplant) doctor called me this morning. He wanted to know about the CT and PET scans, and I was able to tell him that they were done yesterday.

He said that the flow cytometry results had come back (from the bone marrow biopsy), and were clear (no cancer cells seen). He said that the results for the solid stuff (bone and bone marrow) would probably come back tomorrow. I'll see him on Friday and I'm hoping for even more good news!

My cancer doctor called at lunchtime. He said that Dr. W (BMT doc) has been keeping him up-to-date about my progress. He said that he got the results of the CT scan today, and that he could see "no signs of disease." Whoo hoo! (If you could see my heart right now, it would be doing a happy dance).

Dr. B (cancer doc) said that I am right where they want me to be. I asked (because I always have to ask) if he still thought I needed to do the stem cell transplant, and he said yes, that I need to go ahead with it. He said that with the transplant I have a much better chance "that the cancer will not come back for a long time, or hopefully for a complete cure." I love this young doctor. He has given me hope since the very beginning that I will be cured.

So, super news from my wonderful doctors! And I am thrilled! :o)

Almighty Father, you are lavish in bestowing all your gifts, and I give you thanks for the favors you have given to me. In your goodness you have favored me and kept me safe in the past. I ask that you continue to protect me and to shelter me in the shadow of your wings. I ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Julia said...

That's wonderful news! See, I told you I knew today would be better! :)

I'm still praying for you, of course. <3

Kalona said...

Julia, wow, were you ever right! :o) Thank you for continued prayers.

Sarah Oldham said...

I am so "tickled" for you.
If you could, could you send me your address via email? Sarahs(dot)Journey(at)yahoo(dot)com.
I am going to be putting together a fun package for you.
Love and prayers,
and loads of aloha,

Jennifer Mulkey said...

AWESOME news :) Am so happy to hear all of that :) God is so good :)

Anonymous said...

Sharon! Such wonderful news! :)
Thank you Jesus! I am doing a happy dance. I love you! Hang in there. I'm so thankful for your Doctors. Big Hugs, Sandi

Kalona said...

Sarah, thank you--I'm tickled, too. :o) I'll email you soon.

Jennifer, yes, He is Awesome!

Sandi, my doctors are the best! Love you!