Friday, August 6, 2010

Quick Update

Mostly boring medical stuff going on around here this week. I was at the hospital Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Today I saw my transplant doctor for an exam and a long talk about the transplant. Then they took a million vials of blood in preparation for the transplant. I still need to have several procedures done, but can have them done during my stay in the hospital next week for chemo. We are moving into the last phase of my cancer treatment and I'm a little overwhelmed.

Reece was here Wednesday night. I thank God for that little guy; he helps me keep my focus where it should be rather than worrying and fretting about things. A few Reecisms: :o)

"Gramma, can I play with the Coobies?" (He wanted to play with the Cootie game).

Reece was watching Up. I was busy and looked up to see him walking across the room dragging his leg. I didn't know what he was doing until I looked at the the screen and saw Kevin (the big bird) dragging Dug (the dog) along as Dug held onto Kevin's leg. I love how he acts out his movies.

I watched Aubrey and Camryn on Thursday while his mommy and daddy took Reece to see Toy Story 3. This is the first time he has been to a movie theater. He walked into the family room afterward and said to me, "I went to see a movie!" I said, "You did? What did you see?" He said, "Toy Story!" and danced a little jig. He really enjoyed it. His mom said that an old couple was sitting in the same row they were in, and that the man would laugh real hard. Whenever he laughed, Reece would lean forward and look down the row at him. I can just see him doing that. He likes it when people laugh. :o)

He likes to watch Cake Boss. He decorated my lamp with appliques, just laying them around the bottom of the lamp shade, and said he was decorating a cake. He said he is a chef. He is always asking me to make a "firetruck cake." He thinks I can do anything.

I'll have my sixth round of chemo on Monday and Tuesday in the hospital, so I plan to enjoy the weekend while I'm feeling good.


Angela M. said...

What a treasure he is!

Prayers continue for your full recovery!

Kalona said...

Thank you, Angela!

Jennifer Mulkey said...

What a blessing grandchildren are :) You are truly blessed with yours :)

Kalona said...

Thank you, Jennifer!