Friday, August 20, 2010

Nope, not yet.

It's HOT! Blue Bell is my favorite way to cool off. ;o)

My doctor had me go to the apheresis clinic at 7 this morning, so I left the house when it was still dark. The lady at the clinic was so sweet. She took 4 vials of blood and gave me my neupogen shots, then gave me a big hug and sent me upstairs to the bone marrow transplant clinic.

They took my vitals and had me wait for the lab results. I saw my doctor for a few minutes, and spent a lot of time talking with a sweet little old Louisiana man. You get to know a lot of the other patients, because we see each other in the hospital or the clinics over and over.

The nurse finally got my lab results; they were too low again for the stem cell harvest. The doctor wants me back early Sunday morning. He increased my neupogen dosage, so hopefully that will get things going.

Ron called this morning to say that he got an earlier flight, so I'll be picking him up at the airport soon. He said the exercise went well, and he is eager to get home.


Sarah Oldham said...

I'm praying!!!!!
Glad your husband will be home shortly. God is good!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sis! Sending you my love & prayers. Happy to hear that Ron is back. I love you so much. I'm here holding you in my prayers. You're doing great! Big Hugs, Sandi

Angela M. said...

I am going to Adoration tonight and will pray for you. And I am still offering up my Communions for you too. Keep us posted!

Kalona said...

Sarah, Sandi and Angela, thank you again for your prayers and support.

Ron is home. It's wonderful to have him here.