Friday, August 13, 2010

Home For The Day

Home after a long day. I had an appointment for labs, a dressing change on my central line, and a visit with the transplant docs this morning, so I was at the hospital all morning. I'm giving myself the Neupogen shots again, and my white count is high, which is good. I'll continue them throughout the stem cell harvest procedure, so we'll get lots of stem cells overflowing into my bloodstream.

I was a little worried about the central line because there was some redness around it, but I'm on antibiotics for that, and it looks better. They changed the dressing and put a little disc right where the line goes into my skin that has a slow release topical antibiotic.

I saw three of the doctors today, mostly by chance (just had an appointment with one of them). They are taking great care of me, and checking to make sure everything is as it should be for the stem cell harvest next Wednesday. They assure me that all is well and they think I'll do as well with the transplant as I've done with the chemo.

When I finished at the hospital, I met Kelly and we had lunch and talked and talked. It was nice to be with her for a little while. She lifts me up.

I got to Mom's after 2 PM, and got home around 4 PM. I had taken some frozen hamburger and Jiffy cornbread mix with me in the morning to take to Mom's. I put a pot of beans in her crock pot yesterday, so I made the cornbread and added browned hamburger and seasonings to the cooked beans. She was going to have beans for dinner. She wanted me to stay and eat with her, but I was still too full from lunch and needed to get home to check on my puppies.

Now they are snoozing in their crate, enjoying the air conditioning, and I'm ready to crash on the couch for a bit. I'm tired. I don't have to go back to the hospital until Tuesday, August 17, when they will give me another round of Rituxan before doing the stem cell harvest on Wednesday. Three days of freedom!


Kelly said...

Just dropping in to say hi! Call me if you need anything at all. :)

Thanks for lunch on Friday, it was yummy and I'm glad we had a chance to sit and talk for so long without rushing around!

Love you,

Kalona said...

Hi Honey! Thank you--I promise to call if I need you. You're welcome for lunch. It was fun, and buying lunch was the least I could do after you took care of the house, dogs, cat and Gran for me. I love you, too!