Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Reece Makes Brownies

I didn't have to go anywhere today, which was so nice! Ron took Mom's meds to her at lunch time and gave me a break.

Tomorrow I have to go in for labs and a picc line dressing change. I'll have to be up and out of the house early, so Reece didn't stay overnight tonight, but came over around 6 and stayed until 10. He was sleepy by the time we got him home, but he was so sweet and good while he was here.

He wanted to bake, and I gave him the choice between the muffins we didn't make last week, or brownies. He chose brownies. He did most of it by himself, putting the mix into the batter bowl, and pouring in all the other ingredients. I cracked the egg on the side of the bowl for him, but he opened it up and let it slide into the bowl. He stirred for a bit, but brownie batter is pretty stiff, so I helped with that, and with pouring it into the pan. He did just fine tasting the batter all on his own. He loves "chockit." :o)

The brownies turned out yummy. We each had one and Reece took the rest of the pan home to share with his family while the brownies were still warm.

I loved spending the evening with him. We had pork chops, baked potato and green beans for dinner, watched some videos, played a game, drew on the white board and played with his cars. And baked. And I stole lots of hugs and kisses.

I felt pretty good today; good enough to clean up dog poop in the backyard while the puppies followed me around. I did that early this morning, before it got so hot. The puppies spent a lot of time in the pool this afternoon. I also cleaned the kitchen, did some laundry and made dinner. Feeling nearly normal. :o)

Please pray for my Aunt Pearl who died Monday evening in Oklahoma. She was 92 years old and raised a beautiful family of ten children. Her husband, my dad's older brother, died several years ago. Three of her sons died, two in vehicle accidents, one on a tractor that turned over. I don't believe her life was easy, but I remember her always smiling and cheerful.

Eternal rest grant her, O Lord, and let the Perpetual Light shine upon her. May she and all the faithful departed, through your mercy and grace, rest in peace. Amen


Adrienne said...

Prayers for your Aunt Pearl. It's always hard to lose a child. I can't imagine losing three.

Kalona said...

Thank you, Adrienne. I know; I just can't imagine it. I think I'd probably go insane.

Linda said...

Who wouldn't choose brownies?! yummo.
I had a pic line once. It freaked Tom out when he saw them pull it out, and he could see how long the line was that was actually in my chest cavity. I'm proud of my little scar; it represents the love I had for my baby before she was born. :)

Kalona said...

Yeah, I was glad he chose brownies, Linda. :o)

I'm still amazed by my picc line. That they can put a tube into my body and thread it over to just above my heart, and it doesn't even hurt or bother me at all, is just crazy. I can't begin to count the number of times they would have had to stick me to draw blood or give me chemo, platelets or blood during all these months. But with the picc line, no needles necessary. I know another young mom who had to have a picc during her pregnancy. It's sweet that it reminds you of your love for your baby.

Jennifer Mulkey said...

Prayers here for your Aunt. Isn't the picc an amazing thing? I actually had a port instead of a picc line, so once it was in, no maintenance. But what a relief. I can't imagine people who go through chemo without something to save their veins. But alot of people do that :(

Kalona said...

Thank you for your prayers for my aunt, Jennifer.

My techs would prefer that I had a port. I have to have my picc line flushed and bandage changed once a week--more time consuming for them. The possibility of having collapsed veins made the decision to have either a port or picc line easy!

K said...

I really wanted to come over this week but have ended up sitting around waiting for washing machine repairmen all week :P
Katie and I are going to Houston tomorrow. IF my washing machine is repaired maybe I'll come by tomorrow morning? I could Sunday afternoon but I know that is a) family day for you and b) the day before you go in again.

K said...

My PICC hurt horribly. Right in the notch of my throat. They even pulled it back a little when I ripped it out (by accident) and it didn't help.
But, hey it never got infected which I consider a win.

My mom went through chemo for her breast cancer with no port or PICC.
A/C and then Taxol.
Amazingly she still has a few usable veins in her right arm-can't use the left since that was the mastectomy side.

Kalona said...

K, no worries--it's been a kind of busy week for me, too. I'll be gone tomorrow morning; have to have more labs done before my chemo on Monday. Maybe you can make it over next week on Thursday or Friday? I won't be neutropenic again until between days 8 and 14 (approximately). Thursday would be the best day, but Friday afternoon might work, too. We'll see how it goes?

I can feel my PICC line sometimes in my chest. it doesn't hurt, just feels like something is there. The nurses don't think that's what I'm feeling, but I'm sure it is. I'm sorry yours was painful.

K said...

Have you ever swallowed something too big or too fast and you get a painful lump/feeling in your throat-chest? That was kind of what my PICC felt like. It had to have been the PICC because I felt nothing like it before it was placed and it was gone within minutes of it being pulled.
late next week works for us---assuming something ELSE doesn't break. >:-(

Sarah Oldham said...

Prayers for your auntie. I bet even in her sorrows she had a beautiful life!

Prayed for you alot today . . . you've been on my mind alot today. Jesus, be with my friend and be her greatest comfort.


P.S. I like how Reese saved some chokit on his cheeks for later.

Kalona said...

K, yes, I know just the feeling you mean. My picc line has been a little sluggish the last few times they drew blood. Last night I had a coughing fit, and today when they drew blood, it worked much better. Not sure if there was any connection, but I have a feeling the coughing helped.

Hoping it works out for us to get together next week. :o)

Kalona said...

Sarah, thank you for your prayers for my aunt and for me. They are working on getting me prepared for the next step--the stem cell harvest, deep chemo and the implant--and I'm getting a bit stressed about it. Not sure why, since I've done so well with the chemo thus far, but there it is. So I really appreciate those prayers right now!

Reece often tastes of chockit. :o)