Sunday, August 8, 2010

Getting Ready for Chemo

(Facade of Mission San Jose, one of the old churches along San Antonio's Mission Trail).

Mass was lovely today. Fr. Mesa, the parochial vicar, was the priest. His homily was very nice, about faith, hope and love and the two "schools" where we learn about those virtues, prayer and penance. And his Latin was pretty good, too. :o)

Mom's chicken turned out very yummy--moist and full of flavor. We made some mashed potatoes and corn, and she made gravy which was delicious! We had brownies for dessert. Kelly came for dinner, too. Mom was happy to be the hostess today. It was nice.

Kelly came to my house after we left Gran's, and wrote out a schedule for taking care of the dogs and Maggie. They were extremely happy to see her. Kelly will also be in charge of Gran's medications while I'm in the hospital. So a big load of worry has been lifted from my shoulders. Thank you, Kel!

Josh just came by, so I got to see him for awhile before I go into the hospital for a few days. His new job is going well, and he seems to like it. He works long hours, and six days a week, but he hasn't complained. He just bought himself a TomTom since he drives all over town for his jobs. His training period is just about over.

I'll probably not post on my blog until I get home. I can post from my iphone, but it's much easier from my computer. I can't get on the internet with my computer in the hospital, though. But I can read and answer email from my iphone.

So, see you Wednesday!


Jennifer Mulkey said...

Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you tonight. This is the last one. You are going to be fine, I just know it :) Your guardian angel will take good care of you. Look forward to hearing from you when you get home. Many prayers going up here for you tonight and of course, every day anyway :)

God Bless and keep you,


Kalona said...

Thank you so much, Jennifer. While I'm in the hospital for the chemo this week, they will begin some of the many procedures that have to be done before the stem cell transplant. I'll have an EKG, Xrays, a MUGA scan, a visit with the oral surgeon/dentist, a social worker (?) and the clinical coordinator. And they will insert another line (this one in my chest) to use for the stem cell harvest. They said my PICC line is too small for that. I hope they can get it all done while i'm in the hospital so that I won't have to be running back and forth so often.

The stem cell harvest will be about 10 days after this chemo, then a 6 day round of "super chemo," then the return of my stem cells. The transplant doc said it will be awhile before I feel well again, but he doesn't know me. I'm hoping my reaction to the transplant will be as good as my recoveries from the chemo treatments I've had. I'll continue to count on your prayers and those of the other DCF ladies! Thank you for all the prayers!

Sarah Oldham said...

Keeping you embraced with prayer to Our Heavenly Father. Mother Mary, keep Kalona under your protective watch and care. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Sharon, I love you, I'm praying!
Please let me know if you need me to do anything - I can take off & be there if you need me. Big Hugs, Sandi

Kalona said...

Thank you Sarah & Sandi!