Sunday, August 8, 2010

Beautiful Sunday Morning

Reece spent the night last night. We made chocolate fudge oatmeal cookies. He likes to eat the raw oatmeal, straight from the box. He said, "I yike these oatmeal seeds!" :o) Ever since he was a little bitty boy he has thought the Quaker Oat guy on the box is a picture of his Papa.

His papa took him to the store and bought him a Transformer car and motorcycle. I can never get those things back to the original after they've "transformed."

Reece played outside quite a bit, while Papa was vacuuming the pool.

He likes to go through the old toys in a box in one of the spare bedrooms. One day he asked what was in the box, and I said, "Oh, just a bunch of junk." So when he wants to play in there, he says, "Can I play with the junk?" We put batteries in the sleeping Ernie toy that was Caelen's when he was little, and it still works. Reece got so tickled when Ernie would talk and snore. :o)

Funny story about that Ernie. I was sleeping in the spare room one night, and just as I was falling asleep I heard someone say, "I feel great!" I thought Ernie must have shifted in the toy box and it made him talk, so I rolled over and was falling asleep again when I heard, "I feel great!" I finally had to get up and take the batteries out of the crazy thing. I guess they were going bad, and Ernie wouldn't shut up! Creepy.

Reece went with me early this morning to take Papa to the airport. I dropped him off at home on the way back. He and his mama were trying to decide what to have for breakfast when I left their house. The little girls were still asleep.

I'll pick Mom up for Mass in a bit. She was going to put a chicken in her crock pot last night for our Sunday dinner today. Kelly is joining us for dinner after Mass, then she will come over to my house for awhile. She is going to take care of Sister and Katy for me while I'm in the hospital, since Ron is out of town. She is my angel.

Hope you are having a beautiful weekend!


Kelly said...

When I read that part about Reece thinking the quaker oat guy looked like his Papa I laughed out loud. That's halarious! I went to the pantry to check out the oatmeal box and laughed again because the quaker does sort of look like Dad except Dad is WAY more handsome! :)

Kalona said...

Kel, that is so cute that you had to go check out the picture on the oatmeal box. :o) Picture dad in the hat and outfit--he really does look like the Quaker. But yeah, more handsome. :o)