Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Friday!

(Painting is August Flowers by William Thomas Wood).

Yesterday I had the MUGA scan at BAMC. They drew some of my blood and mixed it with some kind of radioactive material, then put it back again. Then they took 3D pictures of my heart from 3 different angles. My docs at Wilford Hall should get the results today.

I was at Wilford Hall this morning for dressing changes on my PICC and central lines. They both look great. I saw my BMT doctor; he gave me a quick exam and had the nurse draw blood for labs.

He wants another bone marrow biopsy to make sure my bone marrow is cancer free, so we're doing that on Monday. Ugh. If they do find any bad cells, they will still continue with the treatment as planned, but please pray they don't find any! Thanks.

He also wants me to have another CT and PET scan, so I'm waiting to hear back from nuclear medicine at BAMC for a date and time for that. Hope they can do it next week!

Also some time next week they want to have a "family meeting," to let everyone know what to expect and how to care for me after the deep chemo and transplant. They have to tell you all the bad stuff that can happen, but we're not expecting any of that since I've done so well so far.

It seems I'll be in the hospital longer than just the time it takes to administer the deep chemo (6 days) and return the stem cells. They have to monitor me for awhile after that. The doctor said if I do well, I can go home "on a pass." But the length of the stay in the hospital will depend on how well and how quickly I recover.

For now, he thinks that I'll go into the hospital in about 2 weeks, so around September 2nd or 3rd. They want my blood counts to come back to as normal as possible before then. I'm feeling pretty good already, so I'm looking forward to feeling normal again for the next couple of weeks. Whoo Hoo!

My BMT doc has always been a little more cautious and less optimistic than my cancer doc about a cure for my cancer. But today he seemed more hopeful about it. He always has to make sure I don't get my hopes up too high, but today he said that attitude and faith are 90% of the reason people get well, and that a cure could happen. Then he said that even if it should come back, there are other treatments we could try, and that new things come along all the time. :o) He's a sweetie.

I stopped at Mom's on the way home and made her some lunch. Ron has the day off, and had the backyard mowed when I got home. Now he's gone to run some errands, and I have housework to do while I'm feeling energetic. :o) Happy Friday, ya'll!


K said...

I'm such a dunce!! I meant to ask if you were having the scans at BAMC.
The family that took Katy and Sister's mom,Honey..the dad is a AF radiologist. He is usually at Wilford Hall but is at BAMC right now. Dimes to donuts he had something to do with your scan today.
If you ever run into a Dr. Scott Drummond, tell him who you are!
Honey has turned out to be a real blessing to their family. Three great dogs found two great homes that day!!

Kalona said...

K, I'll watch for Dr. Drummond when I go next week for the CT and PET scans. I have forgotten the names of the young men who helped me yesterday. Yes, those doggies you rescued have made a lot of people very happy. :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just got home from Dallas. I left Friday AM. Jonah is so much fun! Kori is doing good. The baby will be delivered on Oct 15th. I'll be praying for the bone marrow biopsy to be cancer free. Glad to hear you have energy! Hug Mom for me. I love you Sharon, Sandi

Kalona said...

Hey, I thought maybe you were in Dallas this weekend. So glad to hear that Kori's doing well, and you got to spend time with Jonah. Thank you for the prayers. I'll give Mom your hugs tomorrow. Love you!