Saturday, October 30, 2010

James Dupre, Again.

Please turn off my playlist music (in the left-hand sidebar) to listen to the video.

Remember this post I made in June about a terrific young singer that I came across on YouTube? His name is James Dupre. This morning there was a comment on that post in my inbox, from someone who knows James.

Anonymous said...
Just to let you know - James Dupre is even nicer in person than he comes across on screen:) He has also signed a record contract.

I think it's so thoughtful of Anonymous to let me know that James is as nice as he seems in his videos, and that he has signed a record contract. I'm as excited and happy for him as I'd be if I knew him in person. :o)

You can listen to sample tracks from James' CD, It's All Happening, and purchase it here, and you can read his bio on his webiste, here. Enjoy!

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