Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wednesday (and Thursday) With Reece

Josh and his family came home from Rockport yesterday, and Reece was very eager to come see me. Josh and Cyrise said he told them about 100 times that he wanted to go see Gramma. I think he missed me while he was away, and remembered that the last time he was in Rockport, I was there too, so it didn't feel right to him.

So he came over yesterday and spent the night with me. Ron's out of town this week, and it was nice to have Reece here to keep me company. It's a joy to wake up in the morning and see his gorgeous little face.

When I got up, he woke up immediately (he always does) and said, "Is it morning for you, Gramma?" I told him that it was, and he said, "And is it morning for me?" :o)

We went to Gran's later in the morning. I heated up some soup for her, and made her a grilled cheese sandwich with potato chips for lunch. Reece was stealing her potato chips, but as you can see, she didn't care. :o)

When we left Great-Gran's, he was very upset with me because he wanted to go to my house instead of going home. I told him that we would stop and get something for lunch and asked him if he would like to have a picnic in the park. That made him really happy. :o)

I asked if he wanted to go to the part of the park with the lake where the ducks are, or to the playground. I was surprised when he said he wanted to go to the lake. He likes to feed the ducks.

He very much enjoyed our picnic, and walked down to the lake when two ducks came along. When we finished eating, I gave him some pieces of bread leftover from my hamburger, and he tossed them to the ducks. They were a little skittish and wouldn't come very close, but the fish went crazy for the bread pieces! It looked like the water was boiling where they were fighting for the bread, and Reece got so tickled. He was laughing big deep belly laughs every time he tossed in a piece of bread. It was so much fun to watch him! :o)

There is nothing more precious than time spent with a grandchild, just the two of you. I look at the pictures I took today, and I feel so blessed.


aine said...

Today after errands we went to the school store and Lito picked out an alphabet chart and some stickers. Grandma came home pooped. Not him, he is still going and going!

Hope you are feeling better. You are in our prayers.

Kalona said...

They have so much energy, don't they, aine? :o) Sounds like you and Lito had a good day.

I am feeling pretty good. Thank you for your faithful prayers. You are also in mine!!

Linda said...

Now that my oldest is 20, I suppose it won't be TOO long before I am a grandmother, yet I still have a toddler! I look forward to it just the same. I'm glad you have yours to cheer you.
My children, I think, would have chosen the ducks too. :)

Sarah Oldham said...

Your granny posts always make me smile. What a blessing!