Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's been a lovely Thursday.

Not only was the weather perfect, but I got to spend time with Kelly. We went to Gruene to have lunch at the Gristmill.

Lunch was delicious. Kel had a steak, salad and Gruene beans and I had chicken fried chicken, mashed potatoes and Gruene beans. We sat outside because it was a beautiful autumn day.

After lunch we explored the antique store. Kelly has been looking for metal trays and bought two really cute ones. She also found a little Christmas gift for one of the Grands, and that's all I'm saying about that. :o)

We got home around 2:30 PM and Kelly had to hurry home to her doggies, who were in their crates while she was gone. It was so much fun to be with her. We always love being together. She also swept my kitchen and breakfast room for me. What a sweetheart!

Ron went in an hour early to work this morning, so he came home early. He is outside now, trimming the huge hedges in the front. The man has to be doing something all the time.

I let the puppies in when I got home, and they are snoozing right now. I am watching Holmes On Homes on HGTV. I wish he would come to my house. :o)

(Pics are of the Gristmill and the Gruene watertower, gleaned from the internet).


aine said...

Sharon, isn't today such a lovely day? How many people, do you think, took the moment to notice our beautiful blue sky and the tiniest hint of crispy coolness in the air? You picked a lovely spot to spend your day, your Kelly is such a blessing to you, isn't she.

And bless you for praying for me. That says so much about you, gracious lady. I got my biopsy results on Monday, the last biopsy for this year, and it was negative! So I am good to go for another year and it all starts up again. So your prayers were heard, and I will be praying that my prayers for you will be heard too.

We got a new Archbishop!

Kalona said...

aine, yes, Kelly is a real blessing to me and her dad; we think she's the perfect daughter. :o) Gruene is one of our favorite places to go on pretty days like this.

I'm sending up a prayer of thanksgiving that your biopsy result was negative. That is wonderful news! I hope you are feeling well. I'll continue praying, and I thank you for your prayers, also.

I saw the news about the new Archbishop. I'm praying that he will be receptive to the TLM and our hopes for a private parish! Do you know anything about him?

Kelly said...

I love going to Gruene! That last picture of the tables...I want to say that table nearest is the one we sat at for lunch!? :) Looks like it might be. It was fun and I want to go back soon while the weather is so nice.

See you tomorrow!