Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Chatter

I thought I was going to get a break from going to the hospital until next Wednesday, but I'm going to have to go back on Sunday because my platelets were low today. It's hard to understand how they can be 33,000 last Wednesday, and today they were 19,000. Where the heck did they go? My doctor said a lot of his patients had lower platelets for some reason, today.

Cyrise called to say that Aubrey is sick today, and has a fever. :o( I just hate when my grandbabies are feeling bad. I hope Reece and Camryn don't come down with it, but little ones always seem to catch whatever their siblings have. I won't be able to see them for awhile. :o(

Ron has the day off and went with me to the hospital this morning. It took forever, and we went to Chesters for lunch afterwards. I went to sleep when we got home, and he mowed the backyard. He mowed the front yesterday, and it looks nice. Our weather has been so nice, but we're supposed to get back up to "normal" temperatures this weekend, so it will get hot again.

Sandi is bringing Mom home this weekend. Mom has been with Sandi since Labor Day weekend, and they've had fun together. I know Mom will be happy to get home and see Teddy, though. He has been at Kelly's all this time, and has become one of her pack of dogs. Teddy is going to miss Banzai, Darcy and Hunter. Kelly said he has lost weight and is very healthy. She had him groomed today and was laughing about how small he looks with his coat cut short.

Sandi will be going to her daughter's at the end of next week to be there for the birth of her second grandson. Jonah is going to have a baby brother! We are all super excited!

I have a couple of prayer requests for my prayer warriors--not for me this time, but for two wonderful guys who have cancer. I got a letter from my cousin Shirley telling me that my cousin Bobby has prostrate cancer, and my sister emailed me today to say that her father-in-law, Jim, is back in the hospital and they found cancer in new places in his body. He has been fighting it for a long time now, and doesn't want any more treatment. Please send up a prayer for these strong, brave men. Thank you!


Kelly said...

I hope Aubrey feels better soon!

I'm sorry to hear about Bobby and Jim. I will pray for them. I can now say (even more than before your diagnosis), I know the glorious power of prayer!

Teddy looks so tiny with his new haircut and he smells good, Mike can't call him "Stinky" anymore, lol. :-)

Angela M. said...

I just prayed.

Johnnie said...

Thank you for the prayers for Jim. I was so sorry to hear about Bobby. He's a sweetie!

Mike and I are keeping the kids over the weekend since Jared and Angie went on their cruise. It has been fun.

Love you Bunches! XOXO

Kalona said...

Kelly, thank you for praying for Bobby and Jim. Yes, all we've been through has certainly strengthened our faith, hasn't it? I saw Teddy today, and he looks adorable. :o)

Angela, thank you for your prayers, also!

Johnnie, I felt terrible when I heard about Bobby, especially since I have some idea of what he's going through now. Glad you got to have the kids over the weekend--I know you loved that! I hope Jared and Angie have fun on their cruise. Love you, too!