Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall Means Acorns Around Here

Our yard under the live oak tree is covered in acorns. Ron has to vacuum them out of the pool every few days. The ground crunches when you walk over there, and if you stand under the tree you are quite likely to get beaned on the head by an acorn. Reece likes to put their little "hats" on them. :o)

I love live oaks because they stay green all winter. The lose their leaves in the spring, but only when the new ones start to grow and push the old ones off.

It's not unusual to see live oak leaves blowing out of the back of pickup trucks like confetti as you drive on the highway in the spring.

I could do without the darned acorns, though.

My friend K, the sweet lady who gave me the puppies she found on the side of the road near her house, came by this evening with her baby and two of her precious daughters. They brought us four (4!!!) meals--all homemade--mac and cheese, enchilada casserole, lasagna and shepherd's pie AND a loaf of the most delicious pumpkin bread. What a blessing! Cooking has been one of the hardest things to do since I've been home. K, thank you again. You are such an amazing, generous person to do so much for us when you have your hands full with your family. It was wonderful to see all of you, and I know the puppies enjoyed playing with the girls. :o)


Angela M. said...

Is that why they are called live oaks - because they are green all year?

Anonymous said...

Isn't the weather just wonderful. It's such a relief from the heat and just makes you feel good to outside. Mom & I have been taking walks in the evening.
Sending you our love, you are always on our minds and in our prayers. Big Hugs, Sandi & Mom

Kalona said...

Angela, I hadn't thought of that, but it makes sense that they would be called live oaks b/c they stay green year round. They do sometimes start looking a little bit brownish in the spring, just before the old leaves get pushed off.

Sandi, it's been so beautiful. I've been sitting outside for awhile nearly every day. I'm glad you and Mom are walking--that is so good for both of you. Mom is going to miss being there with you when she comes home!

Linda said...

I dream of a house under 100 yr old live oaks. (I'd like the house to be 100 years old too!) We did find one, with sprawling branches of oak in the front yard, but the location is not good.
Those are four very perfect meals. I'm glad there are people taking care of you.