Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend Chitchat

We had such a nice Saturday. We were at Wilford Hall in the morning, but I didn't need a transfusion or anything, so we were out of there by around 10:30 AM. I didn't have to go today. Hooray! Finally a day off from that place!

I woke up this morning with a sore throat, though. There is something in the air making my nose itch and run, so maybe it's just drainage causing the sore throat. I sure hope I don't have a cold since I have no immune system to fight it right now. Ron made me a cup of Earl Grey with honey--it tastes so good and does soothe my throat.

We picked up Reece yesterday afternoon and he spent several hours with us. We went to get ice cream, then came home and played. He talked Papa into taking him to HEB where they bought little cakes and some plastic farm animals.

I got to see the little girls when we picked up Reece and when we took him home. Camryn is walking everywhere now, and looks so cute! She didn't want to walk on the sidewalk, but was doing a "spider crawl," with her little butt stuck up in the air and moving on her hands and feet. It was so funny! Their mommy had put some of those Halloween clingy stickers on the front door, and the kids were so thrilled with them. It doesn't take much to make them happy. :o)

Ron and I had dinner at our favorite Thai place after we dropped off Reece. Yum, pad thai! I told him that we needed to stop eating out so much, though. I haven't cooked since I got home from the hospital.

I'm still trying to decide whether to go to Mass or not. There are always so many people coughing and hacking, but I guess if I can go out to eat I can go to Mass. I'll wear a mask and sit in the back.

Have a beautiful Sunday!


Sarah Oldham said...

I'm going to be away for a while to a conference in Baltimore. So, I won't be able to post and read your posts . . . just know that I'm going to pray hard for you the whole time (at Mass, Adoration, etc.). God bless you and keep you!

Kalona said...

Sarah, I hope you have a wonderful trip and conference and lots of fun visiting with old friends. Thank you for your continued prayers. Vaya con Dios, sweet friend!

Jennifer Mulkey said...

So glad you are feeling better, well, except for the throat...hoping there's just something in the air you are allergic to. Truly though, I can hear it in your words, that you are getting a little better every day :) And having a day off from treatment of any kind is a real treat.

Sorry I've been kind of absent. Still dealing with whatever is going on with my mom, we don't have an answer yet, so we're praying for good news instead of I've been really busy this week, with taking her to doctors appoitnments and tests, etc. This week will be pretty much the same.

So, you are still in our prayers and am thinking of you alot and hoping you continue to feel better every day :)

God Bless, and cyber hugs. One of these days maybe Tom and I will get down that way and we can meet up :)