Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pizza Pat and More

Our daughter-in-law emailed this picture a couple of days ago. She said, "This is Pizza Pat that Lily and I made for her school. If she wins, her class gets a special treat." I haven't heard whether Lily won or not, but I think their Pizza Pat is so cute! Good job, Lilyput (and Mommy)!

I drove to Wilford Hall in the early, foggy morning today. My platelets were up to 61,000--finally over 50,000--so next time I go I'll go back to the oncology clinic instead of the transplant clinic. And I only have to go once every 2 weeks! Whoopee!!!

I had to have magnesium through the IV, which took 2 hours, but when that was finished they took out my PICC line. (Another Whoopee)!

So it was a good day at the hospital. I'll have another CT scan in a few weeks, and pray that there will continue to be no sign of the cancer. I'm doing well, thanks be to God. Thank you all so much for your prayers and support!

I was late getting to Mom's today since I was at the hospital longer than expected. I was starving, so stopped and got lunch for both of us. She was asleep on the couch when I got there a little after 1 PM, but was hungry and ready to eat. :o) I spent about 2 hours there, ran her dishwasher, took Teddy for a long walk, took out her trash and chatted for quite awhile. I didn't see her yesterday since Ron took her meds to her at lunchtime.

Reece is coming over tonight. I bet he has big plans for things for us to do. :o)


Anonymous said...

Hi! How creative! Lily should win!
I was smiling when I read you email! Sounds Great! I'm so happy that your count is up and you had 2 Whoopies! You are awesome.
Day by Day, better and better. I love you! I know you are having fun with Reese right now. Thank you Lord for healing Sharon.

Love & Big Hugs, Sandi

Sarah Oldham said...

After all you have been through, you continue to serve . . . God has given you an abundance of love for others . . . you are so blessed! You inspire me!!!

Adrienne said...

So nice to hear good news...

Linda said...

No more PICC! YAY!!!

Kelly said...

I hope Lily won! :) Even if she didn't I firmly believe that is the best Pizza Pat, EVER!

I'm so glad your platelets are so high and that you only have to go once every 2 weeks - YAY!

Thank goodness that PICC line is out. :)

I love you!