Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday With Reece!

It was nice to have a two day break from the hospital, but I was back again this morning. My lab results were good enough that I didn't need a transfusion. We are hoping that my body is beginning to make enough platelets on its own again. I understand why I need to go often for labs, but I wish it didn't take half the day!

Ron dropped me off, went to work, then picked me up when I was finished. We stopped at Mom's on the way home. She and Teddy were doing fine, but I found out from a neighbor that Mom was walking on the street outside the grounds of her apartment complex yesterday. She said that Teddy had pulled away from her and run away. She managed to coax him back to her, but she said she had to go a long way and that it wasn't easy. It makes me so angry with him when he does that to her. I really don't want her to walk on the street because it's a busy street, the neighborhood is not the best, and I'm afraid she will go too far and forget where she lives. I guess it's time to get one of those ID bracelets for her. And a new halter collar for naughty Teddy.

Ron brought me home and had lunch here, then went back to work. I've been watching the rescue of the Chilean miners, but fell asleep on the couch.

Josh called to ask if Reece can come over later, and I'm looking forward to seeing him. Sometimes I miss him so much that it hurts. Yesterday I was talking to him on the phone, and he wanted to know if we could go to Rockport. He and his mommy had been looking at pictures of Rockport and she said he pointed to the exact room where we stayed and asked if he could go there. When we were there, he stayed with me and Papa every single night. All of the Grands would come to our room off and on during the day. It was such a special time. I do hope that we can do it again sometime soon. Reece said, "Gramma, can I take you there?" He is such a sweetheart!

It was wonderful to have Reece here! Being with my grandchildren makes me so happy, it has to be good for me. :o) Reece wanted to have a tea party, so we did that, twice. He loves pouring the tea from the pretty little teapot into the tiny cups and then drinking from them. We also played outside for a little bit, read a book about dogs, drew dogs and cut them out, drew his family and cut them out, played with his box of little cars and the "coobies" (that's what Reece calls the cootie game), and I stole as many hugs as I could get away with. He wasn't happy about having to go home this evening, but Papa stopped at HEB on the way to his house and got him pumpkin shaped cookies and a Cars vehicle, so he was okay.

Josh and Cyrise sent grilled raspberry marinated chicken and steamed rice home with Ron, so I'm having that for dinner. Yummy! Thank you, kids.

And all of the miners are now safely out of the mine in Chile. Thank you, Lord!


Sarah Oldham said...

I'm thrilled about your coming along so nicely.
Great about the Chilean miners . . . so thankful to God for their rescue!!!
I am home from Maryland. I am trying to stay awake until nine before I head to bed . . . trying to right my internal clock is wearing me out!
Many blessings and continued prayers for you.

Kalona said...

Hi Sarah, glad you are safely home and hope you had a wonderful conference and a great time with old friends. Yes, it takes a few days to reset that internal clock. :o) Thank you for your continued prayers!