Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jacob!

Today is Jacob's sixth birthday. Wow, he is growing up too quickly!

He is such a sweet little boy, very bright and curious. He loves Legos more than any other toy, I think. He can make the most amazing constructions with them. He would be a wonderful architect or engineer.

Jake has a crazy sense of humor and loves to laugh. He can get the most mischievous look on his face, with his eyes sparkling. You just know that he is planning something a bit naughty. :o)

He started school this year, and seems to enjoy kindergarten.

Jakie, I love you so much! Happy Birthday!!!


H F J said...

Happy birthday to your Jake. Our week has been so busy, but I was sure to tell my Jake when you got to go home this week. He was thrilled for you, and had a similar reaction to Reece's "They fixed you?". :-D

Still praying!

Sarah Oldham said...

Happy birthday to Jake!
I'm just catching up on your posts. Praying for you daily, of course. I'm glad you are doing so very well, even though you are tired. Sounds like you have an excellent bunch of caregivers and doctors surrounding you - as well as your loving family and friends - and all us bloggers out here who love you very much!

Linda said...

The picture is priceless- the way Ron is looking at Jacob is precious.

Kalona said...

Jacob said:

Thank you, Gramma. I love you, too.

(edited to remove his last name from the comment)