Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday Chatter

The Michaelmas daisies, among dede weeds,
Bloom for St. Michael's various deeds.
And seems the last of flowers that stood,
'Til the feast of St. Simon and St. Jude.

I haven't done anything in the yard this year. I love to plant flowers, herbs, a few veggies each year, but with the cancer I wasn't able to garden at all.

But we have some perennials that grow without any care from me. They look a bit wild and wooly this year, but I still love to see the riot of blooms on the Esperanza (yellow bells), rock roses, salvia, four o'clocks, turk's cap, jasmine, and other plants that come back year after year.

My Michaelmas daisies (asters) were late this year. Michaelmas is September 29, and my daisies started blooming just a few days ago. I can't believe how many flowers are on the plants, and there are still plenty of buds that haven't opened yet. I love their pretty purple color next to the bright yellow bells in the flower bed.

It was hot and humid here today. I drove to Mom's this morning, then Kelly came over this afternoon. We had lunch at Las Palapas, then went to Hobby Lobby. Since I'm not supposed to sweep or mess with plants or flowers, Kelly swept up the dog hair around the dog crate and pulled the spent flowers out of my bouquet for me. Nice to have a clean floor, and the bouquet looks as fresh and pretty as when I first got it.

Kelly left around 4:30, hoping to beat the rush hour traffic, but I have a feeling she wound up right in the middle of it. I loved having her with me today.

Tomorrow she is going to pick up Gran and Teddy and take them to her house for lunch and a play date with her dogs. I bet Teddy will be happy to see his buddies Banzai, Darcy and Hunter again. :o)

Kelly will give Gran her meds, so I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow. I'm glad since I don't feel very well tonight and just threw up the soup I had for dinner. :o( I think it's time for a bath and bed.

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Linda said...

They are so pretty! The plant looks a bit like a mum.