Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday Chitchat

Reece spent the night, and stayed with me for most of the day today (Thursday). He is such a joy! We had fun. This morning we made a Halloween garland--black bats and orange jack-o-lanterns cut from construction paper, then taped to some fuzzy black yarn. We hung it in the front room window. He loves doing things like that. I asked if he wanted to take it home, but he wanted to leave it at Gramma's house.

He still likes to watch zany videos on You Tube. He loves the Duck Song, and then finds other videos on the sidebar that he wants to see. Some are not suitable, but last night we came across the Annoying Orange. Oh my, Reece was so fascinated, and got extremely tickled when the annoying orange (which is really annoying!) started making crazy sounds and sticking out his tongue at Apple. "Apple, hey Apple, can you do this?" :o) Reece imitated Annoying Orange all day! Uh oh. He was also singing the Duck Song. I love to listen to him sing.

Ron had jury duty today, but didn't get picked. We had to wait for him to get home before going to Gran's, so we were there pretty late today. She didn't mind, though.

Reece took The Terrible Terrier to Great-Gran's and had her drawing pictures of Rasty (the terrible terrier) and other characters in the book. Gran gets a kick out of her own drawings. I think she is surprised by how well she does. :o)

It's been a nice couple of days. :o)


Sarah Oldham said...

God is good!
That Reese just steals my heart. ;)

Kelly said...

Looking forward to seeing pictures of the Grands costumes - make sure they get lots of pictures, and you too. :)

I haven't seen the Annoying Orange, not sure I want to now. (:

Love you!

Kalona said...

Yes, Sarah, God is so good! Reece does have a knack for stealing hearts. :o) Hope all is well with you and your family.

Kalona said...

Kel, I can't wait to see the kids in their costumes. I'll get my camera charged. They were going to carve jack-o-lanterns tonight with their daddy. They have 5 of them--2 big ones and 3 little ones. :o)

Yeah, you'll find the Annoying orange----annoying. Ha! The fruit all looks weird because they have human eyes with long lashes and human mouths. Bizarre.