Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Easy Days

Another of Ron's rose photos. This is the bouquet he picked for me yesterday. So pretty!

Monday was a quiet day here. Ron and I went to Mom's around noon. We stopped and got her a hamburger and fries for lunch. She is still getting used to being back home. She said she hardly knew what to do with herself. :o) But she was enjoying being with Teddy.

When we got home, I did some laundry, made a grocery list and napped. Ron took my list to the store in the evening while I fed and played with the puppies.

I talked to Cyrise yesterday, and she said that Aubrey is feeling much better, but still has some diarrhea. I'm so glad she feels better, and I'm still praying that the other kids don't get whatever she had.

Ron had to go back to work today after a four day weekend. I don't have to go to the hospital, so he took Mom's meds with him and will take them to her at lunch time so that I won't have to drive anywhere. He takes good care of me. :o)


Anonymous said...

Sending you love! Hugs, Sandi

aine said...

What lovely roses. We are praying for you, and hope that as each day passes you are feeling better.

Kalona said...

Sandi, sending you love back! I'm so excited about the baby. Don't forget to keep us updated! Hugs!!

aine, thank you, thank you! Each day is a little bit better, and I am so grateful for your prayers. It's going to be a long haul, but I'm going the right direction. Hope you are doing well, also! Prayers going up for your health right now.