Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday With Reece

I'm sitting outside on the patio watching Reece play. It feels wonderful! Spring seems to have arrived.

Reece brought me a flower when he came over yesterday, and picked another one in the backyard later in the day. Aren't they pretty and cheerful? They are in a little thrift store salt shaker. Little posies brought to me by someone who loves me are my favorite kinds of flowers ever!

I made cajun 15 bean soup and rice for dinner last night, and Reece ate a big bowl of it, then asked for more for his bedtime snack.

We went to the store and got him socks and underwear, a $5 Tom and Jerry video, and a new monster truck. We finally found Air Force Afterburner, one that he has wanted for a long time.
He played outside for hours. I thought he would be ready for bed early, but he never wants to go to bed when he stays overnight. He played in the bathtub for awhile, then watched videos and heard stories. Once the light was out though, so was he.

I had to take him home early this morning because I had a doctor's appointment. He was so disappointed. He wanted to stay here and play, or go with me. I told him I would come and get him this afternoon so that we could play, and I did. He and his sisters played outside at his house from 10 AM until 2 PM, and had lunch at the picnic table, so he is all rosy from the sun.

I saw my oncologist this morning. He had nothing but good things to say about my progress. I am in remission, and all my tests look very good. He said that for the next 2 years he will see me every 3 months. I'll have a CT scan twice a year. He said these 2 years will be the most critical, regarding the return of the mantle cell lymphoma. The chances of it returning will diminish after 2 years, but still remain a possibility. After 5 years the chances of it returning will be very small. I will see him again in June, after lab tests and my "summer CT scan." :o)

It felt weird going back to Wilford Hall after being away from there for several months. Everything I've had done recently has been done at BAMC. But it was nice to see my sweet, wonderful doctor, and a few of the people who took care of me when I was going through the treatment. I left there feeling happy and healthy.

I stopped and picked up old fashioned hamburgers for Mom and me for lunch. She was feeling much better. I'm so glad!

Right now I am feeling so content. Reece is singing and playing nearby, it's sunny and 75 degrees with a little breeze that carries along the scent of my sweet olive tree, and I can hear birds singing. We've had a pair of cardinals and a pair of blue jays visiting the bird bath the past couple of days, and I've heard the wren. We always have doves, mockingbirds and sparrows. I have some scraps of yarn to put out for them to use in their nest building.

I'm making plans for a container garden this year. I was trying to figure out how to keep the dogs out of it. They tear up everything. Then I thought of putting the pots on the stairs going up to the second story deck. We keep it blocked off from the dogs anyway. The plants will get morning sun and some afternoon shade, and there will still be room to go up and down the steps. I can't put everything on the stairs, so some pots will also go on the little bench to raise them up enough so that Sis and Katy will leave them alone.

Reece and I are on our way to pick up Papa. Later, gators. :o)


Anonymous said...

I was so excited to read about your doctor's visit. Wonderful!! I am thrilled to see that you are happy and content. I am so thankful! I loved the "faces of Reese" - I'm gooing to Dallas this weekend to see my babies, can't wait - it's been weeks!! I love you. Give Ron my love. Sandi

Kalona said...

Thank you, Sandi. It was a good doctor visit; gave me a peaceful feeling. I'm so glad you'll be seeing your little guys this weekend. Give them a squeeze for me. Love you!

Kelly said...

Praise the Lord! I'm so happy that the visit to Wilford Hall with Dr. Brown went so well and I love the words 'in remission'. I'm also happy to hear that it didn't bother you too much that you had to go back to Wilford Hall and that you left there happy and health. :)

I can't wait to hear about what you plant in your container garden. I'm going to start planning my Spring planting right now for my little garden, too! :)

Kalona said...

Kel, yes, "remission" is a wonderful word. :o)

I've been scouring the internet looking for which plants will grow best in containers in our area. I've been taking notes, and I'll probably plant this weekend. I found a site that even tells the size of pots that the plants need. I think I have almost all the pots I'll need. One thing I read was not to plant in those black plastic pots because they absorb the heat of our hot Texas sun. It said if you have those, you can paint them a light color. Also, one site suggested those crystal thingys that hold water. You mix them into the soil before you plant and they hold the water and release it slowly.

I'm looking forward to hearing about your garden plans, too. Are you building another raised bed?

Love you!