Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sweet Little People

Reece, Aubrey and Camryn stayed with me for a few hours this afternoon. It was warm and sunny, so the pictures are a bit overexposed. I didn't try to pose them. They were having too much fun playing.

Camryn was sitting on the end of the slide. She has some wild garlic blooms in her hand. Isn't she cute in her little sundress?

We hung the baby swing on the playset, and she loved swinging high!

Aubrey loved the glider, and figured out really quickly how to make it move. She is fearless.

She's played out in the sunshine every day this week, and has a little sunburn to prove it.

They were playing in the birdbath with sticks, putting leaves and other debris in the water and stirring it around. They look like they have magic wands and are stirring up a potion. :o)

They played with the wagon, riding down the hill. When they got hot and tired we came inside and they watched cartoons for awhile. Then they wanted to go out again. They helped me gather dried live oak leaves to put over into the dog yard. We had snacks and drinks. Their parents came to get them around sundown. They didn't want to leave, but Reece and Aubrey will be here tomorrow to spend the night.

I can hardly wait until summer when we can get into the pool. I didn't get to swim at all last summer because of the PICC line and port, and I missed being in the pool with the kids so much.


Kelly said...

The girls look so sweet in their little dresses and I love the one of them all around the birdbath.

Kalona said...

Cyrise put them in the little dresses knowing that I'd take pictures. :o) They do look sweet. I should have taken one of them standing side by side.