Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ash Wednesday

Ack! I was going to the Latin Mass tonight to receive ashes, and I totally forgot. It didn't help that I fell asleep in the late afternoon and didn't wake up until 6:30. :o(

I worked in the yard this morning, watering my container garden, moving the seeded boxes outside, getting the leaves out of the pool, emptying the skimmer, and cleaning up the dog poop in the dog yard.

Then I went to Mom's. She was still complaining about her hip hurting, but kept refusing to let me call the doctor. So today when she said it was "giving her fits," I just picked up the phone and called. Now she has an appointment to see the nurse practitioner tomorrow afternoon. I hope they can do something to help her.

I didn't stay long at Mom's because Kelly was coming over at 12:30 to help go through her grandmother's things. We got quite a few boxes emptied, but there is still a lot to do. We worked for awhile, then came inside to have a late lunch. We had donate, garage sale, keep, and trash containers. What a job!

I forgot to give Kelly the bean seeds and onion sets I had left. Oh well, she's planning to come back next week.

Josh brought Aubrey over to spend the night. She went shopping with me to get a few things like bread, milk and Cascade. She was so good at the store. She kept pointing to things and naming them, or asking me what they were. When we finished our shopping she said, "That was fun!" :o)

When we got home we put the groceries away and she played with blocks and some other toys for awhile and had a "tookie." (That's a cookie in Aubrey talk). Now she is beside me in bed. We washed her face, hands and feet and read some stories. She has very sleepy eyes.

Ron is out of town (for the next 2 1/2 weeks) and Aubrey keeps asking me where he is. I think she has asked me about 20 times, "Whe'ah Papa?" Josh said that when she wants to come over, she doesn't ask to go to Gramma's house, she asks to go see Papa. Papa loved that when I told him! :o)

Now she is asleep and looks like a little angel. Goodnight.

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