Saturday, March 5, 2011

Garden: The Beginning

After we took Reece and Aubrey home this afternoon, Ron and I stopped by Lowe's and got some plants for my container garden. I'm so excited!

Here's what I got:

Patio tomatoes: One just says "Patio Tomato," and the other says "Husky Cherry Red."
Regular tomatoes: Two heirlooms, "Black Krim" and "Homestead." The "Homestead" actually has 4 little plants in the pot, but I'm counting it as one. I need to read up and see how big they will get. Also a "Solar Fire," that is supposed to withstand hot, dry weather. And a "Cherokee Purple," because come on, how could I resist? :o)
Peppers: A "Cubanelle" and a "Cowhorn." The Cubanelle is a sweet pepper and the "Cowhorn" is a "long, thick cayenne pepper."
Herbs: Boxwood Basil and Rosemary.
Root crops: Leeks and extra sweet Texas onions.
Seeds: Kentucky Wonder pole beans, baby leaf hybrid spinach, red and green romaine blend lettuce, scarlet nantes carrots.
Flowers: Red impatiens, some for Mom's planter boxes and some for me. And "Pastel Star Mix" morning glory seeds to grow on the archway into the dog yard.

I forgot to get okra seeds and chives, and I forgot to look for a gate for the stairs. I'm not going to try to grow okra in containers, but have a spot at the side of the house near the fireplace that I can fence off from the dogs to use. We've grown okra there before.

We got a couple of big bags of Miracle Gro garden soil for flowers and vegetables. It has those moisture holding crystals in it, which should help to keep the pots from drying out.

When we got home I rounded up as many big and medium pots as I could find. I think I have enough for everything. I have some window box type planters that I'll use for the lettuces, spinach, and the carrots.

I didn't plant any of it yet. It's really windy out today, and the wind makes me jittery and anxious. I don't like being out in it. I grew up in Kansas, and always hated the wind there. I know, I'm weird.

I'll post a picture when I've got it all planted and in place.


Linda said...

Good luck with that. My tomato seedlings flopped, so I bought plants this morning. We shall see.
I'll try carrots again too.

Kalona said...

Thanks, Linda; I'll need good luck. I'm not a very good gardener, I'm afraid. I try and try, but never have much success. Hoping this year will be different. My dad could stick anything in some dirt and it would grow and flourish. How did he do that? :o)

Hope your tomatoes and carrots are spectacular!