Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sleepy Time Angel

He is over 60 years old.

She is two.

His name is Teddy (what else). :o)

My uncle gave him to me when I was a baby.

I took him everywhere with me, slept with him and loved him.

When I got married and moved to Kentucky, my mom said that she was holding it together until we drove away and she saw Teddy smashed up against the back window of my cram-packed VW Beetle.

Teddy's fur has been loved off in places. Mom did surgery on him lots of times, stitching up rips and tears and seams. One of my earliest memories is of looking out the window and seeing our hound dog, Rudolph, tearing Teddy all to pieces. Cotton stuffing was all over the yard. It was traumatic, man!

Mom rescued Teddy, restuffed him and sewed him back together. He used to have regular teddy bear eyes, but when they got lost Mom replaced them with buttons. The buttons were from a brown suit she used used to wear.

My kids never showed much interest in Teddy, but all the boy grandchildren have liked him.

And Aubrey likes him. :o)

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