Monday, March 28, 2011

Little Sunday Pleasures

Blue-eyed grass.

Big doggie grins.

A rose (every day lately) on my kitchen sink.

Baby tomatoes! Eight of them!

Lots of blooms on the tomato plants, so more babies to come.

And a baby cowhorn pepper.

Americana music station on the radio, on the patio.

Birdsong. Everywhere.

The scent of my tea olive.

Carnitas for lunch.

And the day is only half done, so I'll be back to post more Sunday pleasures later. :o)

And now it is Monday. I didn't get back to the computer yesterday after all. Josh stopped by and Reece stayed with us so he could go to Mass with us Sunday evening. They had been to feed the goats and donkeys. Fortunately he had clothes here to wear to Mass. Once again he was very good at Mass.

We stopped for dinner at Chester's after Mass. Reece had us laughing the whole time, and a lady at the next table as well. He was just delighted to be having dinner out with us and his joy was overflowing.

Reece and I took Papa to the airport this morning. Papa will be gone for another week. Then we went to Gran's and made her some brownies. We came back to my house and his daddy picked him up. They were going to Lowe's. Reece loves to go to Lowe's with his daddy.

Here's what I saw when I woke up this morning. The sweetest little pleasure of all. :o)


Anonymous said...

Hi! I love all of the pictures you've posted of the kids. They are sure growing. They are so cute. I'm so happy that you are having a wonderful time with all of them.

I was sick all last week. Missed 2days of work and I'm still coughing all time. Hope it goes away soon. I think I got it from my grandbabies. I read your blog everyday! So glad you are so good about posting what's going on. I love you Sharon! Hugs, Sandi

Kalona said...

Sandi, I'm glad you're enjoying the pictures. :o)

I'm so sorry you've been sick and hope you lose the cough soon. I know how those can hang on forever!

I love you, too!