Monday, March 21, 2011

Reece Loves Mass

I took Reece to Mass with me again yesterday evening. I like to take him to Atonement because there is so much for him to look at, and a lot going on to keep his attention. He was very good again. Mom was going to go with us, but when I called to tell her we were on our way to pick her up, she decided she didn't want to go after all. So it was just me and Reece.

He's a bit of a distraction for me at Mass because it's fun to watch his reactions to things, and how he imitates what he sees. He was watching a big boy across the aisle, and folded his hands just like the big boy did. While the priest and deacons were incensing the altar, he would do a little dip whenever they would genuflect in front of the tabernacle. He listened to the homily, and when he saw Father in the ambo and heard his big deep voice, he whispered to me, "Is that God?" Oh he just makes me want to squeeze him! He tried to genuflect and make the sign of the cross as I'd shown him, but he got a little confused and his sign of the cross looked more like a salute. :o)

When we sang the Latin responses, I would lean down and sing close to his ear so that he can learn the words. I also sing the Pater Noster in his ear. It's cute how he listens so attentively.

Before we got to the church, he asked if there would be "smoke" again, and I assured him there would be. He also wanted to know if he could put his hands in the holy water. I told him he could put the fingers of one hand in, but when we got there he put both hands in before I could stop him.

He had to go potty during the readings, and I asked if he could wait until after Mass. He said okay, but a few minutes later he whispered again that he had to go potty. So I took him out, and sure enough he did have to go! After that he was very quiet and still until about 10 minutes before Mass ended. Then he asked me a couple of times if we could go.

After Mass we went to visit the Mary chapel again. He loves Mary. I am teaching him the Hail Mary. He knows that Mary is Jesus' mother and that she loves us and prays for us. I will never forget when he was very little and saw a statue of Mary. He asked me, "Who's dat? Mare-wee full of gwace?" He still calls her Mary full of grace sometimes. :o)

I think he will be going to Mass every Sunday from now on. I pray that his whole family will be blessed by his love for the Mass, and that they will all start going regularly.


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Linda said...

so sweet. thank for sharing. and Amen!

Kalona said...

Thank you, Linda.

Kelly said...

I lol'd when you wrote about him asking if the Father was God!! That's so adorable.