Saturday, March 12, 2011


I have sprouts!

This one is lettuce. It doesn't look a bit like lettuce to me, it looks like little sprouts of grass. But it's lettuce. Maybe I'll be able to have a fresh homegrown salad soon!

This one is a morning glory. I'll be moving them to spots on each side of the dog yard gate as soon as they are big enough to vine. They are supposed to be pastel colors.

Everything else seems to be thriving, too. So far, so good. :o)


Kelly said...

Hi Mom! I like your sprouts! :) I'm not sure if you want to plant those morning glories by the dog gate because the leaves, flowers, and seeds are Toxic to dogs (and cats).

There is a neat vine called Silver Pink Vine that is listed as non-toxic to dogs/cats and the Dave's Garden website says it grows well in our area.

I just found a good list of toxic and non-toxic plants at the ASPCA site:

I can't wait to see how your garden does, I still need to get my herb garden going - I'm going to do transplants.

Love you!

Kalona said...

Hi Kel, thanks for the heads up about the morning glories! I'd hate to poison my girls. I'll look for the Silver Pink Vine--sounds pretty.

Hope you're feeling better tonight and that your cold goes away quickly.

I have even more sprouts now; my carrots are coming up, and my pole beans. I'm afraid I don't have the beans in enough sunlight, though. I may have to get Dad and Josh to move them. They are in that big white pot and I had Dad put it near the potting bench so they could vine up the trellis, but it's shady there. I can't move the pot by myself, though. It's too heavy.

You aren't going to plant your raised beds this year? The only herbs I planted are basil and rosemary, my favorites. Love you, too!

Linda said...