Monday, February 28, 2011

Many Faces of Reece

I know, I know. The crazy gramma lady is at it again. I can't help it. You know those posts where you're supposed to post a photo of the week? I can't do those posts because I can never choose just one photo.

Reece went to Mass with us Sunday evening. He has been to Mass with me a couple of other times, once to a daily Mass at our old church, and once to the TLM at St. Pius. I'm ashamed to say I've waited a couple of years to take him again, and he did great. He was very good and very interested in what was happening. He sat at the end of the pew so that he could lean out and see everything that was happening at the altar. He excitedly whispered to me, "I see a little house!" and I told him that was the tabernacle.

We went to the Novus Ordo Mass in Latin at Atonement. Reece loved the chant (he is familiar with it because we listen to chant at bedtime when he spends the night), and the incense. When the gospel is read, the priest or deacon comes down to the center of the nave with the censer and crucifix and reads the gospel in the midst of the congregation. They were near us, and Reece was watching closely. He whispered to me, "Is that smoke, Gramma?" Then he took a big sniff. :o) He actually listened to the homily! He really liked Mass and I'm so glad we took him with us. As we left the church, he said, "I didn't make a sound," and smiled real big.

I knew that he would want to stay, so we invited him to spend the night. He said he wanted to bake a cake, so we stopped on the way home from Mass and got a "cake mixer," as he calls it. He chose a "funfetti" cake that had little colorful bits in it, and a frosting that matched with colored sprinkles. He broke the eggs into the bowl, and poured in the water and oil. He loves to watch the mixer working. He helped spread the frosting on the cooled cake, and put some gummy candies on top, along with the sprinkles, to decorate it. We took some of it to Gran this morning, and sent the rest home with him this afternoon.

After we saw Gran this morning, we went to Ft. Sam where I had an appointment with the foot specialist. Reece went with me, and totally charmed everyone he met there. He was really patient. The specialist blew up a blue glove and drew a face on it to make him a chicken balloon. He was just delighted with it. He chatted with her and was so at ease; she was very impressed. :o)

I brought him home with me this afternoon, until his daddy picked him up around 4:30. We enjoyed playing outside. The weather is gorgeous, birds are singing, wildflowers are blooming, and some of the trees are budding out. Reece is really enjoying the playset--he pretends that it's a pirate ship, McDonalds, a giant's castle in the sky, or Gramma's house in the woods.

Kelly was here on Friday. She went with me to see Gran, then we went to Ft. Sam because my foot specialist appointment was supposed to be that day. But when we got there, they said it wasn't until Monday (today). I know it was Friday because I wrote it down when they called to set it up, and they called me on Wednesday to remind me. But Kelly was glad to get out of there early, so I told them I'd be back today. No problem.

Kelly wanted to pick up some craft supplies, so we went to Hancock Fabrics and then a Goodwill store. By the time we got home it was 3 PM and she wanted to leave to miss the rush hour traffic (she lives on the other side of town). She brought her dogs to visit Sister and Katy, and they all had a grand time together. It is so cute seeing her three dogs sitting in the back seat of her car. :o)

Mom's hip is still bothering her, and I'm calling her doctor in the morning even though she insists she doesn't want to go to the doctor. It's been over 3 weeks now, and its not getting any better. I massaged it Saturday, and she said it felt better, but she didn't want to go to Mass Sunday, and today it was still hurting her. She might be coming down with the flu or something, too. :o(

My oncologist called this afternoon. He said my labs looked fine, asked how I was doing, and said he would like to see me on Wednesday. He didn't really say why, and it's probably just a routine follow-up, but it makes me nervous. Maybe he just saw the report on the computer about my foot exam and realized he hasn't seen me for awhile.

Sorry for all the chatter. I guess I'm in catch-up mode after not posting for a few days.

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