Thursday, March 10, 2011


I'm tired after a busy day.

Aubrey and I got up early. She had oatmeal for breakfast, then we went outside to check on the container garden, clean the leaves out of the pool skimmer, and visit with the puppies.

We called Gran to remind her about her doctor appointment, but when we got there to pick her up, she had forgotten and wasn't ready. We still made it to the appointment on time. Aubrey was delighted to be spending time with Gran.

Gran saw a physician's assistant rather than her doctor. I wish she could have seen the doctor because I feel like the exam wasn't very thorough. She got a prescription for a pain medication, and an order for an xray at another location. We went to get the xray immediately after we left the doctor's office, and will find out the results on Monday. It only took a few minutes once we got there, and then we went out for lunch.

Aubrey enjoyed meeting new people and seeing new places. She isn't shy at all, and would say "Hi, lady!" to anyone who came into the doctor's waiting room. The receptionist at the xray place called all the people in the back to come out and see her. She got really sleepy riding in the car, and was so hungry by the time we had lunch that she ate almost all of my brisket. (I was sharing a plate with her). She's a tiny little thing, but she eats like a football player!

It was 4 PM by the time we dropped Gran off and I took Aubrey home. Reece was upset because he wanted to come home with me, but I was tired and need a break. I promised him that he could come over tomorrow night. His mommy told him they were going to make cupcakes, so that made him feel happier.

I'm missing Ron. He called tonight and said it was cold and rainy in Indiana. They've been having lots of rain and the rivers are out of their banks. He sounded tired, too.

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