Saturday, March 12, 2011

Girly Girls

I've had the best day. Reece spent the night, and he was so sweet all day long today. His mom called this afternoon to see if I could stay with him and Aubrey for a couple of hours while they took the youngest two girls to a birthday party. So I kept Reece until around 3:30, then we went over there to babysit. I took some pics of his little sisters.

I got to hold and love on the gorgeous Gina. She is such a sweet baby.

Cyrise had put Camryn's soft, curly hair in a little ponytail. She looked so cute and like a "big girl."

She came real close to me and was looking directly into the lens. She made me laugh so hard.

Aubrey is so beautiful that she takes my breath away.

She is also a zany little tomboy sometimes.

They love each other and are very close. I pray it will always be that way in their lives.

Gina, one more time. She is a yummy baby.

I'm so blessed to be their grandmother.

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