Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday With Reece

Our peace roses that bloom in spring are so much prettier than the ones that bloom during the summer. They have much more color. The summer roses seem to get bleached out by the hot Texas sun. This one smells wonderful, too.

Ron is home from Indiana. He had to go right back to work today, but he's glad to be home. And we are all glad to have him home!

Reece came in yesterday evening and when he saw his Papa sitting on the couch he stopped short and just stood there looking at him for the longest time. It was so cute. Then he acted shy, but it wasn't long before things got back to normal, and they were off to HEB.

The three of us stayed outside for most of the evening. Papa's allergies started bothering him so he came in, but Reece wanted to play outside. We stayed out there until around sundown.

We made oatmeal cookies when we came in. That's why they went to the grocery store--we were out of butter. Reece fell in the parking lot and hit his mouth, so now he has another fat lip--the second one this month. :o(

We took Gran lunch and cookies, and she enjoyed both. Reece and I went to a playground park near his house on the way home. He had a good time playing with some children there. We left after about an hour, much to his dismay. As we drove away he said, "That was fun!" I had fun too, watching him play and talking to another grandmother and a young mom there.

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