Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Days I Love

Life is not perfect. There are so many things that are wrong. We have money worries, family worries, spiritual worries, health worries, worries about the state of the world. But there are moments in life, sometimes even days, that are perfect in spite of everything.

Those perfect moments often happen when this little guy is around. He spent the night. Sometimes he is a stinker. He doesn't want to do what I tell him, or he wants me to do everything for him and gets huffy when I won't. He likes to have his own way and might have a meltdown when I tell him no, we can't go buy a new toy car or get food from McDonalds again. But he gets over it quickly, and so do I, because we cannot bear to be angry with one another.

Most of the time we get along great, and I love being with him, watching him play, listening to him talk and sing, playing with him. I brought him back home with me today after we visited Gran, and we played in the backyard. He wanted me to be "Mr. McDonald's man" and he was "Mr. Customer." He would drive up to the ladder on the playset in his Fred Flintstone car and order something, and I would pass his order out through the "window." He thought it was great fun, and kept coming back around, ordering all sorts of wonderful things I wish they had at McDonalds. Here he was having apple slices and raisins and some peach tea.

He's getting a bit too big for his little car, but he still likes to ride in it. Today he would leave "McDonalds" and let his car roll down the hill.

The scent of my tea olive is perfuming the whole backyard, so it's really nice to be out there. Reece wanted to help me with whatever I was doing. We put the puppies in their yard and gave them food and fresh water, cleaned out the pool skimmer and watered my container garden this morning before going to Gran's.

We gave the puppies fresh water again when we got back from Gran's because they had gotten it muddy and dirty. I kept wondering how that happened, and today while we were playing McDonald's, I saw how. Sister took one of their hard rubber toys and very deliberately dropped it into the water container. Then they both looked at it for a minute before one of them took it out again. When I checked, the water was muddy again. I have to change it several times a day to keep it clean.

Mom's hip is doing better since she started on the meds the physician's assistant prescribed. She only has to take one at bedtime, and it helps her all day long. I'm so glad she is getting some relief from the pain.

Hoping your day had a few perfect moments!


Pa Pa said...

Loving the pictures!

Kalona said...

Me, too. Love you and miss you.