Monday, March 7, 2011

Containers Planted

Sunday afternoon after Mass, Ron and I planted the veggies we bought. It was a beautiful warm day and we loved being outdoors. It was fun, but boy was I tired last night. I didn't think of it as work, but as recreation.

The plants all looked good this morning. Here are the containers on the stairs.

I brought the containers that I had planted with seeds (second picture) inside for the night, because the last time I planted seeds, the birds dug them up and ate them! I didn't want anything else digging in the containers either. We have nosy squirrels, and an occasional raccoon or possum.

I put them back outside this morning, making sure they were in the warm sunshine, and nothing bothered them.

The onions are in the long white planters at the top of the stairs. The beans are in a big planter, but I didn't take a picture of that. I had some onion sets and pole beans left over, so I'm going to give them to Kelly if she wants them.

Mom and I cleaned out her patio pots this morning. I'll take the impatiens to her tomorrow and Reece and I will help her plant them in her window boxes. Her begonias from last year are blooming like crazy and look so pretty. She enjoys her flowers.

Reece is here to stay with me tonight. We were supposed to have chili dogs for dinner, but he decided he didn't want them. He wanted cheese enchiladas instead. He is such a Texan. :o)

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