Saturday, March 19, 2011

Springtime Saturday

It's Saturday. Reece and Camryn spent the night and went with me to Gran's this morning. I picked up Reece when I dropped off Aubrey yesterday, but Josh brought Camryn in the evening because I didn't have her car seat and she was napping when I was there.

Of course Reece and I spent most of Friday afternoon outside. It is unbelievable how quickly everything is getting green. Just a few days ago this tree looked bare, and suddenly it is full of leaves and dropping pollen in the pool.

Reece was tickled to see the "bean stalks." Jack and the beanstalk has been one of his favorite stories lately. I told him that our beans aren't magic, so they won't grow up to the clouds. :o) They do seem a little bit magic, though, the way they curl up out of the soil and are suddenly 6 inches tall in only a couple of days.

All of the container veggies look great--the tomato plants have at least doubled in size since we planted them, and most have blooms on them.

Reece is still loving the playset and wants to be out there as much as he can. He had his hot wheel city and his box of cars out there yesterday. He would play cars for awhile, then run back and forth with the dogs for a bit, then get on the swings. How I treasure these precious days.

I have Cammy pics, too, but will write a separate post about her in a bit. She's a hoot.

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