Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ready To Go!

I've spent most of the day making sure everything is ready for our trip tomorrow.

Mom and I went through her closet and packed her suitcase this morning, except for a few things she had in the washer. She's pretty much ready to roll.

On the way home from Mom's I noticed the AC in the car wasn't working again. By the time I got home I was so mad. Ron and I ran an errand, then took the car back to the Honda dealer. I went sailing in there with the two huge invoices we got from them for the last two repair jobs. I think Ron was afraid I was going to throw a fit, but I reined in my anger.

I just showed the guy the two bills, told them that we've had the AC repaired two times in the past few weeks, spent nearly $2,000, it's still not working, and we're leaving town in the morning. He took the car back right away to have them look at it, and came back in a few minutes to tell us that when they fixed the AC the first time they made sure it was full of freon, but now it was all gone. He said they would find the leak and have it fixed before they closed. Josh picked us up, and as we were driving home the guy called to say that it was a pressure hose leaking, and he would have to charge for fixing it, but gave us a discounted price. Another $240 later and we have cold air again. Maybe the third time will be the charm.

I ordered a gas cooktop (finally!) last week, and got an email that it was ready to be picked up today. So we went by and got it. We'll have a plumber come out and hook it up for us next week, when we get back. I'm so excited! I love cooking with gas, but haven't had a gas stove since the first years we were married. My old Jenn-Air electric cooktop is worn out. I only have one burner working right now.

Josh and Cyrise needed to do some shopping for the trip, so they brought all three kids over and I kept them until about 8:30 this evening. They were so good.

Ron left around 6 PM to go pick up Jason. Jason's sister-in-law drove him halfway, and Ron met them and brought Jason back. He's asleep in the spare bedroom, and I'm so glad he's here and that he's going with us to the wedding.

After the kids left and while Ron was gone, I did some cleaning and some laundry. We packed our suitcases tonight, and I have a "gramma bag" with some books, raisins, lollipops, sunscreen, bubbles and cookies. I also have a couple of bags of groceries to take, since the cabin where we're staying has a fully equipped kitchen. We'll buy milk, eggs and other perishables when we get there.

And now I'd better get to bed. We're planning to take the dogs to the kennel when they open at 7 AM. I have posts pre-scheduled for each day that we are gone, so if you happen to drop by my blog there will be something new to read. See y'all next week!

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