Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday With Aubrey.

The day went so quickly. Reece and I went to Mom's, then I took him home and took Aubrey to her physical therapy appointment.

She is holding her head straighter, and they are working with her on strengthening her overall muscle tone. She dislikes being there, though, and much of the time is spent just trying to make her feel comfortable with the therapist and the place. She wants to play with the toys, but she does not like for the therapist to move her legs or touch her. She did okay for the first 20 minutes, then her stress level grew until she finally climbed onto my lap, snuggling close and closing her eyes as if to say, "that's enough."

After her session, I took her to buy some little high-top walking shoes because the therapist recommends them to help her keep her feet flat when she stands. She likes to stand on her tiptoes. She is such a sweet baby. People would turn around in the store to look at her and she would smile and chatter. I love to hear her say "Hi" with a Texas twang. :o) I bought her a cute little summer top and shorts, too. What fun! A shopping trip with Aubrey!

I didn't have my camera with me today, so these pics are from a couple of days ago.

This evening after having take-out Chinese for dinner, Ron and I went back over to Mom's. The blind for her door did arrive, and I put it up when I was there earlier today, but it was just a bit big for the old brackets. So Ron took his handy dandy drill and installed the new brackets and valance, and now it fits perfectly. Mom had taken Teddy out for his last walk of the day, and when they got back she found Ron putting up the blind and me watering her plants and making her morning coffee. She was surprised. :o)

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