Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Smiles

We've had a nice Saturday, mostly in the pool. Reece spent the night Friday night, as usual, and stayed with us most of the day today. His daddy picked him up late this afternoon. Josh was surprised that we were all still in the pool, but it's too hot to do much outside unless you're in the water.

Reece is so happy to have Lyssa here. Sometimes he will just laugh out loud for no apparent reason, other than that he is happy. He's going to be thrilled when the rest of his cousins get here! They will be here late tonight, so he will see them tomorrow.

Lyssa, Papa and I have been cleaning out underneath the stairs to the deck. It's the area where she and the other kids have their "Pixie Club," so we decided to clean it up and make it roomier and nicer. I was worried about them being bitten by spiders or snakes under there. So Lys and I cut down the cana lilies, dug up the roots and bulbs and got rid of the long grass and anything that didn't belong. Papa is relaying the concrete blocks to make the floor of the "club house" more even and bigger. This evening Lyssa and I made a quick trip to Lowes for flowers to plant in one of my window boxes, which we'll put at the side of the "club house." She is so excited for Lily to see what we've done!

The puppies have settled into our life almost effortlessly. They sleep well in their kennel all night. I let them out about 7 AM, they do their numbers, eat breakfast and play in the yard while it is still fairly cool. They usually play really hard, then crash for a few hours. I feed them again between 1 and 2 PM. They don't like to be outside for long then because of the heat, but if we're outside, we will get them wet and let them stay out longer. They have another long nap in the afternoon. They eat again at 7 PM, and play in the yard until dark. They go out one final time at 11 PM, then settle in their kennel for the night. They are eating well and doing great. The kids enjoy them, except for the nipping at fingers and toes.

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