Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sweet Summer Days

Ahlyssa loves the puppies. I knew she would. But I don't think she expected them to be so time consuming. :o)

We had a good day. After I went to Mom's, I met Kelly and Lys at a thrift store. We shopped a little bit. I got some baskets for the homeschool cabinet, Kelly found some pretty household things, and Lys got some small surprises for her family. Then we said good-bye to Kel and headed home to let the puppies out of their kennel.

After some puppy time, we got fast food from Freddie's for a late lunch, then picked up Papa at the airport. He was glad to be home, even with the 100° temps we're having this week.

He thinks the puppies are cute, and they were already following him around as if they knew him. They probably recognize his scent, even though they had not met him.

After changing his clothes, Ron got right to work. I wanted him to get rid of the two overgrown bushes at the side of the patio--the ones where the dead squirrel was and where every dog that comes into the yard wants to go. When the puppies went under them, I couldn't reach them, and they wouldn't come out. So now the bushes are gone. We're going to put some lattice up and plant a pretty flowering vine. I didn't mean for Ron to tackle the job as soon as he got home, but he wanted to. He always has to have something to do.

Lyssa and I got into the pool, then Josh brought Reece and Aubrey over. They had so much fun playing in the water with us. Aubrey was a little shy with Lyssa at first, but she warmed up and loved playing with her after awhile. Reece went from the pool to the spa and back again, playing with Lyssa and his cars.

I held Aubrey and she kept wiggling around, watching Lyssa and trying to get into the water, so I asked her if she wanted to do 1-2-3. It's a way to get little ones used to going underwater. I would count 1-2-3, then dunk her quickly into the water. When I brought her up, I'd say, "Oh that was wonderful! You did so good!" and smile at her, so she thought she was doing something really neat. Babies always look so surprised, but as soon as they realize they are okay and did something that everyone applauds, they don't mind doing it again. After awhile I sat her on the side of the pool and held her hands. I would say 1-2-3 and pull her into the water. She really thought that was fun! All of our grandchildren love the water.

It was so hot today; we stayed in the water for over an hour with them. When we took them inside, Aubrey played on the floor for just a little while, then got so sleepy. I held her and covered her with a snuggly blanket and she went to sleep. Just a few minutes later, her daddy came to get them. Reece didn't want to go until his daddy told him that they bought M&Ms for him at the store. Then he agreed to go home. :o)

Papa and Lyssa had Whataburger for dinner. I made a big spinach salad with some of my patio tomatoes, some big yummy blackberries, sliced almonds and homemade olive oil/balsamic vinegar dressing and that was my dinner. I didn't want fast food again.

The puppies played outside the whole time we were in the pool and working in the yard. Ron watered the grapevines, and they got up into the planter boxes and dug around, then lay down. There is (was) a layer of sawdust on top as mulch, and they were covered in it! I looked over at them one time, and sawdust and dirt were flying as they both dug holes. They love the yard and run and chase each other all over it. They explore everywhere. They were exhausted tonight, and I didn't hear a peep out of them when I put them in their kennel and turned off the light. They usually whine a little bit, but tonight they were ready for sleep.

Lyssa watched the Disney channel tonight, and I watched with her for a little bit, then fell asleep on the couch. I wasn't at all impressed by the programs--very silly and probably a bit too old for her, but she said she is allowed to watch them. She didn't protest when I told her it was time to turn off TV and go upstairs. She was reading in her room, which I think is much better than wasting time watching those goofy shows. She's such a sweet little girl.

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Angela M. said...

She looks like a very wise little girl.