Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday Chatter

Aubrey spent the night last night. It was fun watching her explore and examine anything she could get her hands on. I love to hear her talk, but sometimes her little voice is so soft that I can't hear what she is saying. She's very smart and almost totally fearless.

We were up pretty late and slept in this morning. She went with me to Great-Gran's. She loves Teddy and tried to make him play with all of his toys at once. Gran is always so happy to see her. Gran thinks that Aubrey looks like she knows something we don't know. :o) I think it is Aubrey's mischievous eyes that make her think that.

After taking her home, the rest of the day was quiet. I did some cleaning and laundry, and made hamburger steaks, baked potatoes and asparagus spears for dinner.

The Christmas tree is still up. I always hate to take it down, and take the garland off the stairs because I love the lights, so I procrastinate. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow.

Mom has a dentist appointment tomorrow afternoon, but it's not until 3:30. She will get her new bottom partial. I hope it fits! I am tired of having to take her to the dentist, and she is tired of going.

That's been my day. Hope yours has been a good one!


Kelly said...

Is that Gran with a beer? It seems like she always has a beer in all the pictures you take of her lately, lol!

Love you!

Kalona said...

Ha! No, that was tea in a beer glass. She hasn't had a beer (that I know about) since her birthday. :o) Love you, too!