Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gloom, Puppies and Funny Faces

It's gloomy here today. I shouldn't complain--our temperature is 58 degrees--cold to me, but warm compared to most of the country. And it will probably warm up a few more degrees by the end of the afternoon.

Now the holidays are over, and we're back to "real life." Ron went back to work this morning after nearly 2 weeks of vacation. He was dreading it. I really think he would like to retire.

Bills are due, I have several doctor appointments this month, and I should be doing laundry and cleaning, but I've done nothing productive all day. I think I have the post-holiday blues.

I was watching the puppies from an upstairs window earlier. They are funny, but they are such a mess! They have worn most of the grass away in their dog yard, and they were digging holes in the dirt. They love to dig up little rocks. I knocked on the window and they both looked up a me. Katy had dirt all over her nose and muzzle. Sister lets Kate do most of the work, then she plays with the rocks Katy finds. I feel guilty that they don't have any toys to play with, but everything we give them is destroyed in a matter of hours, or sometimes minutes.

Josh called earlier to tell me that Reece is asking to come over, so I'd better get off the computer and get something done. Once he gets here I have no time for anything but playing. :o)

Next Day.....

Reece did come and spend the night, and he certainly brightened up my day and night! He brought Toy Story 2 to watch, and we enjoyed it. He also brought Up. So it was a movie night. :o)

He got the paper tiger puppet last night at Wendy's, and has loved playing with it. He likes things with sharp teeth and claws. :o)

We are going to see Great Gran in a bit, then I'll probably take him home. Or maybe I will keep him longer. :o)


Angela M. said...

Hope you feel more perky soon! Where I live it's currently 38F and cloudy. It will be pitch black by 5 pm and the sun doesn't come up again until about 8:15 am. Hope that makes you feel better LOL!

Kelly said...

Hi! I kinda had the post-holiday blues too. Seems like it all came and went in a whirlwind this year! Might be the gray weather too though, I'm ready for sunshine.

Reece looks so cute in those pictures. :)

Love you!

Sarah Oldham said...

It's 68 at the moment, but it's only 6:58am as yet. It will get warmer here, I'm certain.

I have the blues, but it comes and goes and is never intense. I kind of think it's because I don't get to see my extended family this time of year and this time of year is made for it. Oh, well. One day we will be done serving the country in this capacity . . .

Hugs to you!

anie said...

Try the Kong toys. We have a black Kong that we stuff with carrots, raw green beans, peanut butter,kibble, cheese bits, cooked sweet potato, etc. They will spend hours at it, keeps them very busy! It's messy but it gives them something to do instead of digging. Wash it well after they are finished with it, and you can even keep one in the freezer as a back-up. The aspcabehavior.org site has a neat article with tips to use the Kong.

The black kong is the sturdiest, I think, you may be able to start with a red one depending on how chewy the girls are.