Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Chatter

Sunday was certainly a day of rest here. We went to Mass, then Mom took us out to lunch. When we came home I spent the rest of the day upstairs in our room because it's the warmest room in the house. It was gray and cold yesterday (but warmer today). I surfed the web, watched a little TV and napped. It was nice.

Today I cleaned the kitchen and straightened the little cabinet over the stove top. That's where we keep the measuring cups, funnels, food scale, birthday candles, cupcake papers and sprinkles. There is also a set of vintage Colorware metal canisters with a pussywillow design. I had forgotten about them.

Last weekend (not yesterday, but the Sunday before) we cleaned out Ron's mom's storage unit. We've paid nearly $100 a month for the unit ever since she died, and I finally convinced him to bring the stuff over here so we can sort through it, get rid of what we don't want and distribute what we do want to the kids.

Now the garage is full of junk again, but Kelly is going to come over this week to help me sort through it. We may have a garage sale, or I may freecycle most of it--haven't decided yet. I guess I'll wait and see what we're dealing with first. I have quite a bit of stuff to get rid of, too, so it's not just the stuff from storage. Things like those canisters in the cabinet.

Reece is spending the night tonight. He and Papa have gone to the store. I'll make hamburger helper for dinner when they get back. Now I'm off to feed the dogs. Have a nice evening!


Sarah Oldham said...

It's good to get rid of storage stuff and the expense to store it. It's just stuff. Memories don't collect as much dust.


Anonymous said...

Hi! You are so lucky to live in the same town with some of your Grandbabies! I would love for Jonah to spend the night with me :)
I'm going to be in Dallas this coming weekend. Can't wait to play with Jonah.Finn is so full of personality and he's a cuddle-bug! He smiles with his whole being!! Jonah calls him "Sweetie" and "Buddy". I miss you all and hope to come there soon. Love the pics of the kids that you've posted. They're getting so big. Hugs & Love, Sandi

Kalona said...

Sarah, it was such a relief to get that stuff out of storage. Now I just want it out of my garage! :o)

Sandi, yes we are blessed to be able to see them so often. I'd love to see your little guys, too! Thank you for sending me pictures--I love them. Looking forward to seeing you sometime soon. Love you!