Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy News!

I learned this morning that my colon is rather infamous at the BAMC gastroenterology clinic. :o) The doctor who did the procedure today is the same one who did it before at Wilford Hall. She said that the last time my colon was so interesting that she took video of it, to share on an on-line website for doctors. She said that she wanted to do the same thing today to show the before and after.

Todays procedure showed a totally normal colon, with no huge lumps and bumps or other abnormalities. (She even gave me pictures to prove it, but I will spare you those details). She did remove a couple of small polyps and will send them to the lab, but she doesn't think they are anything to worry about. I was totally sedated for the procedures and don't remember a thing, but my voice sounds a little hoarse from the tube they put in.

One of the nurses was talking to me and asking questions and discovered that I had been diagnosed with mantle cell lymphoma. She said, "Oh, you're the one!" It seems that the whole staff was interested in my case. I am such a celebrity. Ha!

So, no cancer spotted in my gastrointestinal tract, praise God! That's two tests down (the CT/PET scan was also clear) and one to go. I'll have a bone marrow biopsy next, to be sure my bone marrow is still cancer free. It's not scheduled yet, but should be soon. I'm happy and excited, and getting healthier by the minute! Thank you again for praying for me.

Kelly was with me at the hospital. We left there around noon, went to Gran's and had a nice visit with her and Teddy. Then Kel brought me home. I'm supposed to rest for the rest of the day. I feel fine, but I am sleepy, so rest would be good.

I thank God for you, my praying family and friends!


Anonymous said...

Sharon! That's great! I'm so happy and excited for you and all of us!! Answered Prayer! Hugs & Love Sandi

Sarah Oldham said...

God is good. I am so please and grateful. I pray for you (and a pregnant friend of mine) every day the Divine Mercy chaplet. I feel so blessed praying for others.

Many hugs and lots of Aloha!

Kalona said...

Sandi and Sarah, thank you both for your faithfulness in prayer for me. I know it has made all the difference, and I'm so grateful. God is indeed good. All glory to Him!

Jennifer Mulkey said...

I'm so glad to hear your good news, Sharon :) And that you are famous :) Hope things continue to get better and am happy also that your hair is coming back in. Mine took months literally to come back. And now it's falling out again! I think it's just stress, but will have to go to the doc I guess and find out for sure.

God Bless,


Kalona said...

Thank you, Jennifer! Everyone else seems to think my hair is coming back pretty quickly, but to me it seems like it's taking forever. I'm sorry yours is coming out. You're probably right about the stress. You and your mom and family are still in my prayers!

Linda said...